130 Grandma Gift Fails So Bad You Can’t Even Be Mad

Grandmas. Don’t you adore them? They adore you, which is why they lavish you with lavish gifts. Have you always wanted a toilet-shaped mug? Grandma has your back. Is there a t-shirt in your closet that features space cats with lasers shooting out of their eyes? Guess what Grandma purchased for you! Have you just finished your last roll of neon bondage tape? You know who to contact!

More adorable gift fails from grandma can be found on this hilarious list compiled by Bored Panda. They may not always get it right, but it’s the thought that counts…even if it results in a red knitted nose-warmer. Remember to vote for your favorite, and feel free to add your own awesome grandma gifts to the list!

1. requested new hats, and Grandma did not disappoint.

Image Source: imgur.com

2. My 84-Year-Old Grandmother Apologizes For Being Forced To Wear Her Nightgown In Front Of Us. I replied that it was no problem and that it looked very comfortable, so she immediately offered me one. It’s not like I could have turned down such a generous gift…

Image Source: imgur

3. My 90-year-old grandmother mailed me a homemade vest to “wear to parties.” It’s… incredible.

Image Source: reddit

4. My friend just received a Christmas gift from his grandmother.

Image Source: blandisanoob

5. When Grandma Gives You Jeep Parts

Image Source: Neverstillcreations

6. As a graduation gift, my grandmother made me a photo album.

Image Source: stephaneko

7. Grandma Made A Shark Blanket

Image Source: Unknown

8. Grandmother’s Birthday Gift Man, she gets it.

Image Source: llama1892

9. So, my name is Brodie Jonas Dean, and my grandmother found this shirt for me, thinking it was a wonderful coincidence. Thank you, Grandma.

Image Source: Buffnuggets

10. Grandma Purchased A New Coffee Mug For Work. “Because it looks like poop, and I know you find that amusing.”

Image Source: mordibala

11. My Grandma Rules!

Image Source: theagtm

12. Grandma Sent Me This In The Mail. Slowest Picture Message Ever

Image Source: misstinkles420

13. My Grandmother Made Me This After I Showed Her A Similar Picture!

Image Source: N3RDSFTW

14. My 7 Yr Old Daughter Asked For Fingerless Gloves With Flowers On Them. Grandma Delivered

Image Source: I_Say_I_Say

15. My Grandma Bought Me A New Shirt Today. I’m 34

Image Source: CaptainSnatchbuckler

16. My Grandma Bought Me This, She Knows What’s Up

Image Source: JAOOB

17. My Grandma Believes This Is An “Acceptable” Blanket For A 24 Year Old Man To Sleep Under While In Town. I’m Totally Cool With It

Image Source: sharppunk

18. My Bro Told My Grandma, Jokingly, He Wanted 100 Things From The Dollar Store For Christmas, Grandma Doesnt Like Being Challenged

Image Source: AceWayne4

19. My Grandma Got Me This Shirt, I Don’t Think She Gets It

Image Source: gretch1

20. My Friends Grandma Or G-Ma Got Him This Present For Christmas

Image Source: Bibblefoshizzle

21. I’m ‘Middle-Aged.’ I’m a ‘professional,’ and I only eat out for lunch. G’ma has Alzheimer’s, and this lunchbox is a birthday present from her. Thank you, Grandma, for showing me—I’ve turned into one of ‘those kinds’ of jerks. I’ll Be Taking Scoobydoo for Lunch Tomorrow!

Image Source: LongtimeLesbianLurker

22. My traditional grandmother discovered that I had moved in with my boyfriend… so this was her Christmas present.

Image Source: Slackme1

23. I opened my Grandma’s present early. I believe this gift was intended for one of my female cousins, but I’m keeping it.

Image Source: octabeck

24. Grandma’s Gift Was Perfect!

Image Source: Releasethebears

25. I adore this gift from my grandmother. She Is Adorable

Image Source: apathygabby

26. My Great Aunt Had Pillows Made From My Grandma Rosie’s Old Shirts That She Used To Wear… Best Gift By Far

Image Source: felicahowardd

27. My Great Aunt had pillows made from my Grandma Rosie’s old shirts… By far the best gift.

Image Source: CandySnow

28. My grandmother sent me a set of 1940s pornographic playing cards. Please accept my apologies if your grandmother is one of the models.

Image Source: katipiff

29. My Brother With His New Christmas Present. Thank you, Grandma!

Image Source: Cfraserw

30. My 94-year-old great grandmother made this for me because she said it was too cold outside. It’s 80 degrees outside.

Image Source: NKNDP

31. My grandmother knitted me a scarf.

Image Source: smitus

32. My Grandma got this card for my brother’s birthday because it said he was “cool.”

Image Source: mcaila

33. My Grandmother gave me a mug.

Image Source: flesheatingjesus

34. My Grandma Said I Could Have Her Old TV So I Could “Finally Play Some Video Games”

Image Source: ChocolateCoveredBacon

35. I Told My Grandma I Was Into Gaming. This Was My Christmas Present. Thanks Grandma!

Image Source: Strid3r21

36. Briefly Mentioned To My Granny That I Was Stressed About Money. She Sent Me $8 🙂

Image Source: Delta747

37. Thanks Grandma, But It’s Clint…

Image Source: watkins_i_do

38. My Grandma Made This For Me

Image Source: ScathanApproves

39. My Grandma Sent Me A Birthday Present..i Think It’s Awesome. Btw I’m A 26yr Old Guy

Image Source: wombatlesbians

40. My 12 Year Old Niece Does Duct Tape Crafts. Her Grandma Bought This For Her Birthday

Image Source: LindsayShhh

41. My Very Religious Grandma Got Me My Favorite Christmas Present Ever

Image Source: thiscrazyginger

42. Every Year My Grandma Gives Is Money In Crazy Ways. Money Stuck In Maze Games, Tapes Between Toilet Paper Sheets On A Roll. This Year I Present Money Cake

Image Source: imgur.com

43. My Crooked Eyed Granny Knit Me Some Socks For Christmas

Image Source: Jacobthezombie

44. My Grandmother Just Got Me This For “Christmas.” Despite Being Not All There, She Nailed It

Image Source: elyze

45. I Asked My Grandma For A Stamp, She Gave Me These..

Image Source: FoCo4984

46. My Grandma Made This Cake For My Brother’s Baby Shower. She’s Cool Af

Image Source: ShaylaDoesIt

47. My Grandma Always Sends The Coolest Birthday/Christmas Gifts

Image Source: Zacirus

48. Grandma Gift Gone Wrong

Image Source: MustBeWanderlust

49. So My Grandma Gave Me All Of Her Used Soap

Image Source: hwarner27

50. Am I Too Late For Inappropriate Christmas Gifts From Grandma? She’s 82 And Gave This To Me. I’ve Never Even Heard Her Swear

Image Source: Pliny_the_middle

51. My Grandma Is Adorable. She Made Me This Homemade Card And Sent Me 5 $1 Bills

Image Source: Leighanneee

52. A “just Because” Present From Grandma. Was Not Disappointed.

Image Source: Unknown

53. My Grandmother Made Me A Star Wars Quilt For Christmas

Image Source: TheJediPikachu

54. Gave My Aunt Cucumber Seeds For Christmas, Today My Grandma Wrapped The First One With A Bow Like A Gift

Image Source: KWhale15

55. My Friends Grandma Knitted This Magnificence

Image Source: offbow

56. Her Grandma Gave This To Her As A Gift

Image Source: Shiby92

57. So This Is The Wrapping Paper My Grandma Used To Wrap My Birthday Present

Image Source: anetak

58. Open Our Christmas Gift From Mike’s Grandma. No Words

Image Source: lexiklein23

59. I’m About 29 And My Grandmother Still Sends Me Card Like This

Image Source: unknown

60. So My Grandma Gave Me A Birthday Card

Image Source: reddit

61. Grandma Got Me A New Belt Buckle For My Birthday

Image Source: bruck7

62. Umm, Grandma?

Image Source: AlwaysUpvotePugs

63. Came Home Today To Find My Grandma Bought Me This Flag And Hung It From My Window. I’m Not Gay

Image Source: dr-zoid

64. Grandma Bought A Bell For My 2yo Nephew And Couldn’t Understand Why I Chuckled So Hard

Image Source: Chiaupas

65. My Grandmother Sent Me This. She Lives In Florida. I Live In Boston.

Image Source: Yes-Showtime


Image Source: ClpReddit

67. My Grandma Bought Me A Texting Book Of Acronyms For Christmas. She Was 100% Serious About This Being How People Talk Online

Image Source: princessDB

68. My Grandma Handed Me A Towel As A Gift And Said She Made It Herself

Image Source: Jaqwaan

69. My Grandma Heard That I Liked Computers, So She Got Me This For My Birthday

Image Source: adaminskif

70. My Grandma Got Me These This Year…

Image Source: Coltendavis123

71. Greatest Gift From Grandma Yet!

Image Source: yablebab

72. Grandma’s Gift

Image Source: KnuffleBunny

73. My Cakeday Card From Grandma

Image Source: josh4rim

74. I Went To See My Grandma And After Telling Her My Neck Was In Pain, She Gave Me This

Image Source: Theeeantifeminist

75. My Grandma Gave Me An Xbox For My Birthday

Image Source: NonsenseCoffee

76. The Fact That I Got This From My 78 Year Old Grandma Is The Best Gift Of Yea

Image Source: SirCameron_

77. My Grandmother Gave Me This Necklace

Image Source: Rskingen

78. My Grandmother Gave Me This Pillow For Christmas

Image Source: oMatt22

79. I Did Not Think These Were Sugar Roasted Pecans At First. Thanks Anyways, Grandma!

Image Source: opacetic_dude

80. My Brother’s Christmas Present From Our Grandmother

Image Source: Lilluckyducky1

81. My 90-Year-Old Grandmother Got Me A “Hawaiian Print T-Shirt” For Christmas

Image Source: getstereohyped

82. Just Found This Backpack My Grandma Bought Me A Couple Of Years Ago

Image Source: Yanni4100

83. So My Grandmother Bought Me A Shirt…I Feel Like A Walking Desktop Wallpaper

Image Source: Bewaretheboomstick

84. So My Grandma Got Me Ten Cans Of Tuna For Christmas…

Image Source: bryanheckman

85. My Grandmother Made Me This For My Birthday

Image Source: mario0x

86. My Grandmother Bought Me This Shirt. It Was Uncool Until My Mom Said “BRB, Grabbin Tits.”

Image Source: misshood

87. When Grandma Gets You Yeezys For Christmas

Image Source: fajorsk

88. Grandma Gave Me This Card For My Bday. I’m A Straight Male

Image Source: found_Jimmy_hoffa


Image Source: Councilman_Jamm

90.  So My Grandma Bought Me A Shirt

Image Source: idontlikerootbeer

91. My Grandma Got My 12-Year-Old Brother A Fun Game For Christmas. She Had No Idea

Image Source: alwayshungryformex

92. I Wonder What She Was Thinking When She Picked These Out For Us!

Image Source: Unknown

93. My Grandma Gave Me This For Christmas When She Was On A Cruise, Said She Thought The Leaf Was Pretty… Lol Um Thanks

Image Source: NeverMixGrapeAndGrain

94. My Grandma Made Me A Goomy Hat

Image Source: unknown

95. Grandma Bought Me This For A Pj Sleepover Party I Was Going To

Image Source: unknown

96. My Grandma Bought This For Easter

Image Source: hemogoblins

97. My Grandma Got Me This For My 12th Birthday

Image Source: ComradePikaIsaWeirdo

98. My Grandma Got Me Pokemon Blanket From Ecuador. Super Comfy And Keeps Me Warm

Image Source: rageoftheninetails

99. I Turned 19 Today, This Is The Cake My Grandma Gave Me

Image Source: soccergirl2

100. The Vase My Grandmother Got Me For An Early X-Mas Present. I’ll Let Your Mind Run Wild With This One

Image Source: PoleDancersRock

101. Thanks For The Marble Paper Towel Holder, Grandma

Image Source: Ladymeowsalot

102. Stereotypical Grandma Birthday Gift. I’m A Straight Male Which Is Relevant

Image Source: cogibb23

103. My Grandma Always Gets Me The Best Gifts

Image Source: krcook510

104. My Grandma Made Cupcakes. The Internet Has Ruined Me

Image Source: TeshimaB

105. My Grandma Heard That I Was Into PC Gaming. She Gave Me This For My Birthday

Image Source: slowbro_69

106. Good Times Are Ahead Friends! My Grandmother Gave Me Lucky Knitted Slippers!

Image Source: enstrut

107. Grandma Gave Me The Gift Of Love… Self-Love

Image Source: grumpheartjenny

108. My Grandma Sent Me This

Image Source: unknown

109. Chocolate Praying Hands My Grandmother Gave Me For Easter

Image Source: tictacz

110. When Grandma Buys You A Vr Headset

Image Source: ionfromneon

111. So My Grandma Gave Me $10,000 For Christmas

Image Source: Caratticuss

112. My Grandmother Got Me These Socks For My Birthday

Image Source: MEATTEO

113. My Grandma Sent Me This Advent Calendar

Image Source: captainkrtek

114. Thanks, Grandma

Image Source: millhouseisnotameme

115. Got My Birthday Gift From Grandma

Image Source: DaWnSwEtHa

116. My Grandmother Gave Me An After-Christmas Clearance Gift

Image Source: YazzyismyNickname

117. Christmas Presents From Grandma

Image Source: MoRaven

118. At Least My Grandma Tried To Get Me A Gift..

Image Source: ImFlawlessss

119. I Mentioned That I Found The Jurassic Period Fascinating So This Was My X-mas Gift From Grandma, I’m 32. Luckily My 5 Year Old Thinks It’s Awesome!

Image Source: Unknown

120. Engineering

Image Source: Unknown

121. My Mom Always Sends My Son (her Only Grandson) Cards To My Home Because He’s 19 And At College, This Is Card From Her A Few Weeks Ago.

Image Source: Unknown

122. My Nana Bought Me These Stickers Because They Were On Sale.

Image Source: Unknown

123. Not My Grandmother But I Once Made The Mistake Of Telling My Aunt Saw Made Me Laugh

Image Source: Unknown

124. When We Asked Grandma Why Hubby Got An “ass In A Boat” T Short She Didn’t Recall The Ass Or The Boat!!!

Image Source: Unknown

125. I Shaved My Head So Grandma Knit Me A Head Warmer For Christmas

Image Source: Unknown

126. Marty Mcfly Shoes Nike Air Mags, Back To The Future, Knitted Slippers, Handmade, Crochet Slipper Bootees, House Shoes, Air Mag Bootees

Image Source: Unknown

127. I Needed Magnets… So This Is What I Got For Christmas. Some Of The Baby Pictures Are Me! Great Desk Magnets

Image Source: Unknown

128. My Husband Got Mushrooms And My Son Get Cranberry Sauce….what Did I Get You Ask??? The Floated Teeth That She Kept From My Husbands Favorite Horse As A Child!

Image Source: Unknown


Image Source: Unknown


Image Source: Mobile%20pics

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