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14 Heart-Warming Examples Of Rescue Dogs Gaining Trust From Their Humans


14 Heart-Warming Examples Of Rescue Dogs Gaining Trust From Their Humans

The basis of the friendship is forming a bond with your dog. If you prove that you can be trusted, this generally happens quickly. Some puppies are more cautious than others since most of them were either abandoned at shelters or raised without much care and attention by their previous owners. It is possible to develop a relationship with rescues. It may take a little more adapting on your part, but you’ll have a lifetime best friend in time. Here are a few of the most heartfelt stories posted by the people.

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This is one of the great story that I began looking for an elderly and sick dog a year ago. I’ve known this dog for most of my life, and his owner is the most dedicated, caring, and capable dog owner. She had three Whippets: an elderly, sick dog, a young and ‘regular’ dog who was a great boy, and a young traumatized puppy. Recently due to his trauma, he is extremely aggressive toward other dogs, and with any other owner, so he would be a direct threat to other pets.

All three wonderful animals were brothers, which explains why the traumatized one (Johnny) was able to live peacefully with the other two. Finn, my elderly and sick friend, had a unique disease that caused his nerves to go. It was terrifying to witness, and it got so terrible that he couldn’t walk or bend his legs any longer, so he tried to walk around everywhere. His brain, however, was undamaged, and he was a happy and affectionate dog. And he’s devoted to his owner. It was tough to care for him, and she had difficulties finding a dog sitter because she couldn’t leave Fin alone at home because he might fall. Because he couldn’t walk well, he couldn’t accompany her anyplace, including on walks, which his brothers badly needed.

As a result, I was entrusted with the pleasure of sitting with him once a week. I had a lovely time with him; he lay on my lap and ate bananas from my hand, and his owner ultimately showed me how to get him into the garden so she could remain out a bit longer because I could assist him in going pee. I had to hold him up on his chain since he couldn’t bend down to his knees and poop on his own. He couldn’t handle it anymore one day while I was there.    

He sat there trembling, so I kneeled down, hugged him, and pushed his hip down while holding him to keep him from falling over. He was still trembling at first, trying to move his legs on his own, but soon his entire body fell down. Having this dog is such a wonderful experience. He died a short time thereafter. I have good memories of him, and his brothers are fine, old but happy and healthy.



Another experience is the dog who was kept in a kennel for so long by her previous owners and she learned to hold it in as long as she could and just drank water. To get her to pee, we had to take her out every hour. We’ve had her for nearly two years and she never fails to run out and pee. It’s very rewarding to see a rescued dog reclaim his or her doggo status.


We only take in pets who have been severely abused or neglected. When considering where they came from, their actions make sense. Continue to provide love, security, food, water, and gentle touches, they will eventually warm up. It took almost a year to train one puppy, but he is the best guy ever.

This also reminds me of the first dog we adopted together, who was trained to scratch the back door if he needed to go out at one time. We had to train him to growl if he needed to leave because he was a huge dog and our back door took a beating. When my father came to visit, the dog approached me and began growling. My father was scared until I told him that everything was fine and that the dog simply needed to poop. My father was impressed when I explained why we trained our dog to do that.


It makes me nervous because it reminds me of my own experience when my cocker spaniel walked up to me screaming as I was laying on my couch watching TV. He pooped and stopped screaming when I took him outside. He was only about a year old, and none of my other dogs had ever shouted when they needed to go out. So I took him to the veterinarian. Almost a year later, I’m sitting on my couch watching TV when my cocker spaniel comes up to me screaming once more. This time, however, he fell.

I immediately realized he was suffering a seizure and Epilepsy was detected in him. We used phenobarbs and sodium bromide, to treat his epilepsy but he gained weight quickly and his liver shut down. Worse yet, he continued to have seizures at least twice a year. I took him to a new veterinarian, got him off his previous meds, and began him on CBDs. Since then, he’s only had two seizures in four years.


 It may take some time for dogs to entirely trust you, but once she does, you will love her even more. My small kid had the same problem and was afraid to even ask to use the potty. When I say “who wants to go potty?” he almost jumps for me to put the collar and leash on him because he knows the potty dance and the potty word. I love him and would never exchange him for a puppy. I’m pretty sure we’re together for a reason.


Isn’t it the greatest feeling when pets finally have faith in us? One of my puppies had been severely mistreated by previous owners, and for the first year, he would hide from pets and scratches, and a belly rub was never an option. But eventually, he comes to us to be petted, cuddled, scratched and rolled over to be given a full belly rub. It’s a wonderful feeling.


My mixed girl was owned by someone before we found her in a shelter, and every time we took her outside of the shelter, she went to the bathroom right away, despite the fact that she had obviously been holding it for quite some time. She had an accident in the two and a half years when we’ve had her, and she has a bladder of steel since she is so stubborn and won’t go unless it’s necessary. But even when we take her outside and urge her to PLEASE JUST PEE BEFORE BED, she holds it until the next morning. It was tough to get used to my poodle going on request because she was so good at it.


I foster animals, so I’m familiar with their quirks. My Husky is a rescue, and he can scream when frightened, perhaps she was beaten when peeing. So he is screaming to make him feel safe.


I don’t think it’s wrong to get a dog from a good breeder and adopt. Every time when I see my pup, I smile because she’s now in a warm and loving home and isn’t out on the street worried about her next meal.

 In the beginning when we admire our lovely pets, they attempt to be good to us. Gradually, she trusts us and our love, and will get increasingly comfortable and driven to the point of being potty aware and much more. And you must provide her with such a wonderful, loving environment for your beloved pet.

When the 11-month-old puppy had been whiney for a few months and we made the mistake of not getting up right away. She ended up having an accident in our bathroom. We weren’t angry with her because she tried so hard.

If your dog has been trained to pee and poo outside, it is a common thing. My dog spends the entire day with me at the office, and when she needs to go, she comes up to me and starts poking me with her nose, signalling that it’s time to leave. They are such beautiful and smart creatures.

The mother of my late Boston terrier had been beaten, and the people who rescued her were able to ease her nervousness by breading her. She offered us 15 years of active adventure fun and companionship through her wonderful offspring.


My chihuahua, had to be trained to be scared. I realized she was still a scaredy-dog, but she won’t allow anyone to get too close to me.

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