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17 Amusing Ways People Are Cheated When They Shop Online


If you are too busy and don’t want to spend the entire morning wandering around shops looking for a suitable dress, shirt, or jeans to wear, online shopping is a good option. However, you should think twice before ordering something online. No, I’m not kidding. Online shopping is essentially a gamble in which you put your money at risk by buying something you’ve never seen in person. And, before you find a trustworthy online seller, you may find yourself in situations similar to these.

Today, we bring together seventeen people who discuss the disparity between what they see online and what they actually get. It reveals the true nature of online shopping. So, be wary of advertisements and pay closer attention to realistic testimonials in reviews. Now, scroll down and enjoy yourself! If you enjoyed our post, please like and share it.

#1 “Perhaps one day I’ll be beautiful.”

Image Source: funnydays65

#2 “Ugh! One of these things is not the same as the other. It’s nothing like the advertisement!”

Image Source: rvchickadee

#3 Are you wearing this dress to the wedding? Are you sure, bride?

Image Source: byninacherie

#4 “When I tried to be seductive…”

Image Source: sarah_wonderlandss

#5 “What do you think of my new slit dress?”

Image Source:  Instagram

#6 “After reading this woman’s Amazon review, I immediately removed this dress from my cart!”

Image Source: JivyNme

#7 “Where can I pass this dress?”

Image Source:  Imgur

#8 “When your ordered dress looks exactly like the picture on the website.”

Image Source: Kaylie_Nelson16

#9 “I’m hoping for a refund, so I’m not going to name the company.”

Image Source: pamcakes316

#10 Aren’t these two distinct concepts?

Image Source: funnydays65

#11 A non-refundable $60 Dres

Image Source: 1deringifuknow

#12 “When you buy clothes on Amazon…”

Image Source: abrahamlinc0ln

#13 I’m sorry for your loss.

Image Source: Instagram

#14 Help!!!!

Image Source:  Imgur

#15 “Well, it fits the cat,”

Image Source: beroemd

#16 Reality vs. expectation

Image Source: Instagram


Image Source: turkturksammy
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