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17 Images of Objects Who Decided To Show Their True Faces

Have you ever noticed faces in ordinary items? It happens all the time. We are all accustomed to seeing people almost everywhere we turn. We can look in either direction and see a face. Whether this is friendly or not, the fact remains that humans are extremely adept at recognizing and identifying someone who is looking at us, and we can do so with ease.

Face pareidolia, the illusion that a facial structure can be seen in an ordinary item, reveals a lot about how our brains pick up on and understand social cues, according to Dr. Jessica Taubert of UQ’s School of Psychology. Despite the fact that being duped by someone or something is unpleasant, seeing faces in everyday objects is both interesting and amusing. We’ll show you some images of objects with clearly visible faces down below. Scroll down to see how funny they are.

1. A cheerful postface

Image Source: Cate_Z

2. These cyclops-shaped wine glasses

Image Source: hardlyjuiced

3. My pants on Monday morning

Image Source: Unknown

4. Stubble

Image Source: asmolten

5. Elevator man, key card and soul eater

Image Source: soup_0

6. This coat hanger appears to be an alien in search of a hug.

Image Source: jamesbest7

7. Hello, my name is Pot.

Image Source: Unknown

8. Every day, I run past this broccoli tree.

Image Source: cocoaimes

9. This cactus resembles a turtle attempting to fly away!

Image Source: kpticbs

10. Oh god

Image Source: David_L89

11. Do you have a lighter, bruv?’

Image Source: SirBugsBan

12. The angry train is angry.

Image Source: beeurd

13. Prague’s Happy Bottle Bank

Image Source: eimohenge

14. This fat plant snubbing other plants

Image Source: Azkabandi

15. Cats

Image Source: JAIROX7

16. Rhinoceros with two legs

Image Source: ssigea

17. Cactus of Kung-fu

Image Source: rinzler925
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