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20 Images That Show Kids Have Their Own Worlds


Here are 20 images that demonstrate how children have their own worlds. We are grateful to the parents who posted these lovely images on social media. Children provide countless hours of amusement when they curl up into cabinets or otherwise try to hide from view.

Enjoy the descent by scrolling down. Every image has a link that takes you to the place where it was taken. Please feel free to peruse these photographers’ personal websites or collections for additional works.

1. Is she playing hide-and-seek or trying to scare her parents?

Image Source: durtymessycan / imgur

2. Genius-level hiding tactic

Image Source: RobertCarlson / imgur

3. My son is throwing a fit because he can’t get all the ’yucky’ seeds out of his watermelon.

Image Source: Jedi_Mama / reddit

4. My kids hate oatmeal, but the ’Cookie Soup’ I’ve been making is their favorite.

Image Source: corytjohn / reddit

5. A kid riding around town, on a dinosaur

Image Source: wowbobwow / reddit

6. My child has tons of toys, but chooses to play with an onion

Image Source: DarkDayzInH*** / reddit

7. I looked away for 5 seconds!

Image Source: ThatLostGamer / imgur

8. Now that’s how you wear a tiara!

Image Source: johnnyfivejmc / reddit

9. He didn’t make a sound. I had a panic attack before I found him

Image Source: ashlamar0914 / reddit

10. My kids testing out binoculars

Image Source: jodihas2kids / reddit

11. It looks like an intense conversation between a manicurist and their client

Image Source: CorgiMonsoon / reddit

12. Welcome the new wave of humans

Image Source: ytoast / reddit

13. My niece didn’t want to eat the ‘pancake crust

Image Source: softlyellow / reddit

14. My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts

Image Source: bowb4zod / reddit

15. My daughter at ’Ivan the Terrible’s’ museum. I consider this a masterpiece.

Image Source: Slivnikov / reddit

16. My niece was looking for the goats. They got her good.

Image Source: roach_xo / reddit

17. No kids here! Just an alligator

Image Source: imgur

18. My daughter is also going pro at Hide n Seek

Image Source: Imgur

19. I looked away for 5 seconds!

Image Source: Imgur

20. Genius-level hiding tactic

Image Source: Imgur
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