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59 Strong NSFW Images From The 2017 Birth Photo Contest Demonstrate that Moms are Badass


The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers has revealed the contest’s 2017 winners, and the images they selected highlight both the joy and challenges moms experience during childbirth.

These fresh photographs will make you even more astounded than we did with the contest from last year. Every single one of them narrates a tale of suffering, tenacity, and, in the end, relief. They capture the early stages of a baby’s existence as well as the beginnings of a family’s bond.

Reader caution is suggested since many of the following images are strong and explicit. But they are all strong in their own particular ways.

More info: IAPBB

1. I’ve Been Waiting for You

Image Source: Vanessa Mendez Birth Photography

2. Best In Category: Birth Details, Pieces of Me

Image Source: Kourtnie Scholz

3. Best In Category: Postpartum, Straight from Heaven

Image Source: Natasha Hance – Birth Unscripted

4. That First Gaze

Image Source: Peanuts and Parents

5. Skin To Skin Today. Heart To Heart Always

Image Source: Catherine Brown Birth & Lifestyle Photography

6. Falling In Love All Over Again

Image Source: KEDocumentary

7. Are You My Mama?

Image Source: Jennifer Mason Photography

8. Best In Category: Delivery, With A Splash

Image Source: Elizabeth Farnsworth Photography

9. Freshly Squeezed

Image Source: Apple Blossom Families

10. First Place Winner. Road To Deliverance

Image Source: Jaydene Freund – Cradled Creations

11. Honorable Mentions. Catching Her Baby, Born Via Surrogacy

Image Source: Leilani Rogers, Photographer

12. Absorb

Image Source: Bailey Nicole Photography

13. The End: A New Beginning

Image Source: Caryn Scanlan Photography

14. The First Look

Image Source: Amber Denae Photography

15. Honorable Mentions. Approaching Life

Image Source: Deborah Elenter

16. Honorable Mentions. Surprise

Image Source: KimBerly E. Photography

17. Honorable Mentions. Joyful Finale

Image Source: Elise Hurst Photography

18. Honorable Mentions. As She Rose from The Depths

Image Source: Tree of Life Doula Photography

19. Honorable Mentions. Hello Before Goodbye

Image Source: Sarah Boccolucci Photography

20. A Beautiful Transition

Image Source: Birth Unscripted

21. Honorable Mentions. Gentle Caesarean Birth

Image Source: Belle Verdiglione Photography

22. The Softest Landing Pad

Image Source: Cradled Creations

23. Becoming Grandmothers

Image Source: The Art of Unscripted

24. Honorable Mentions. Before The First Breath

Image Source: Birth In Focus

25. Mother’s Pure Bliss

Image Source: A&E Caro Photography

26. Euphoric First Embrace Together

Image Source: Kate Murray Photography

27. Honorable Mentions. Honoring The Temple

Image Source: Elliana Gilbert Photography

28. Birth In Colour

Image Source: Tree of Life Doula Photography

29. Ascension

Image Source: Angelfire Photography

30. Breathe

Image Source: Brezi Photography

31. Bathed In the Morning Light She Welcomes New Life

Image Source: Samantha Noel Photography

32. Honorable Mentions. Birth Of A Mother

Image Source: Cat Fancote – Capturing Birth

33. Honorable Mentions. 17 Years Of Waiting: A Non-fertility Miracle

Image Source: Ker-Fox Photography

34. Honorable Mentions. She Holds Her Daughter’s Fingers In Awe And Wonder

Image Source: The He{ART} of Motherhood

35. Superman Style Arrival

Image Source: Birth is beautiful-Captured by Ina

36. Raw Power

Image Source: Vanessa Mendez Birth Photography

37. Looking Inside

Image Source: Andrea Oleson

38. The Go-to Position For Slow Labor

Image Source: Leilani Rogers, Photographer

39. Honorable Mentions. Rapture

Image Source: Katie Mathis Photography

40. Honorable Mentions. Future Big Sister

Image Source: Public Kiss Photography

41. First Wrinkles

Image Source: Susan Johnson Photography

42. Intertwined

Image Source: Deborah Elenter

43. Holding On To Strength

Image Source: Birth Day geboortefotografie

44. This Is Life

Image Source: Santa Cruz Birth Photography & Doula Services

45. Moment To Collect

Image Source: Lauren Guilford Photography

46. Christmas Eve Head Shot

Image Source: Doula Services by Dianne

47. Motherland…

Image Source: CreaNostra Photography

48. Euphoria, Triumph

Image Source: An Infinite Moment Photography

49. Honorable Mentions. She Believed She Could

Image Source: Little Plum Photography by Stephanie Entin

50. United We Are Strong

Image Source: Lillian Craze Birth Photography

51. Within The Waves

Image Source: Bree Downes Birth Support & Photography

52. Peaceful Entry

Image Source: Stacey Lorraine Birth Photography

53. Best In Category: Labor, Determination

Image Source: Katie Mathis Photography

54. Honorable Mentions. Entangled In The Cord That Ties Us

Image Source: Cat Fancote – Capturing Birt

55. Hear Me Roar

Image Source: The Art of Unscripted

56. Baby’s First Defense

Image Source: An Infinite Moment Photography

57. Honorable Mentions. Droplets Of Mercy

Image Source: Elliana Gilbert Photography

58. The World Ahead

Image Source: Jessica Worland Photography

59. Riding The Wave

Image Source: Cara Bjornson
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