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23 People Who Totally Regret Having Their Last Drink the Previous Night


Over 50% of adults have had a blackout at some point in their lives. We acknowledge the shock factor. However, a number of us have indulged in binge drinking and entering the party scene at least once. While most of the time we attempt to be responsible and only consume alcohol in moderation, there are still times when we have a bit too much fun and find ourselves in circumstances similar to the party animals below.

1. When you want to stay up for the after party

Image Source: zaznoticias

2. “My girlfriend called me upset but didn’t give me any details, turns out she got drunk and locked herself out of the apartment.”

Image Source: MrDicksnort

3. She was almost out

Image Source: acidcow

4. “Yesterday my friend totally rocked the dancefloor and did splits…Now she has to use crutches.”

Image Source: lovelypay

5. Ouch

Image Source: acidcow

6. “My wife swears she wasn’t drunk when she made this order. She hates chocolate and we never play tennis.”

Image Source: Reddit

7. Oktoberfest be like

Image Source: Reddit

8. Just two drinks only

Image Source: dodheim

9. Took a small nap

Image Source: kayy_mat

10. “So my brother got blackout drunk the other night. He found this in his toaster the next morning.”

Image Source: AbstractCeilingFan

11. “My friend was drunk when he decided to tattoo himself with neither experience nor artistic ability.”

Image Source: yllwsnow2

12. “Drunk me was determined not to lose my earrings last night”

Image Source: whatmySOdoesntknow

13. Miracles

Image Source: Reddit

14. Guess its time to go home

Image Source: Reddit

15. Latest version of an alarm

Image Source: sammyfrisa

16. When pillow is life

Image Source: acidcow

17. When the chocolate bar looks like your phone

Image Source: manny135

18. “Yesterday after a party, drunk me thought this piece of my wife’s soap was fudge.”

Image Source: ImNtYrGuyBddy

19. The Creation of Adam (c. 1508-1512)

Image Source: HorusTheBlade17

20. Rule #1 of every party: no drinking and driving.

Image Source: jalogan1

21. “Got blackout drunk last night…my girlfriend helped me remember what happened.”

Image Source: chadneidt

22. “Had a house party last night, still can’t find the key to my mum’s shoe…”

Image Source: Justched

23. “Boyfriend was drunk last night. I woke up to this…”

Image Source: themusicman777
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