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24 Insightful Comics About Society That Present Various Views of the Same Even Everyone has an own viewpoint.

Simply put, it depends on how you view it. The fact that two people may perceive the same event differently just because they are using different lenses is what makes life interesting. People have different ideas on everything, but if we didn’t, we’d all be identical twins, and nobody really wants that. That’s where the comic book series titled “Yes But” comes in

Gudim Anton, who is located in Moscow, is the creator of these illustrations. He provides various scenarios but modifies them to represent both sides of each. There is some humor sprinkled throughout, but they also include a lot of reality. Although not everyone may concur with his viewpoint, that is precisely what makes comic books so wonderful; you get to observe things from a different angle, even if you may not agree with it.

However, by scrolling down, you can make your own assessment.

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1. Elective surgery is fine even with all the risks, but a vaccine apparently isn’t.

2. Who cares as long as you can show off the brand name, right?

3. Just get a tattoo that looks cool, who cares about the meaning?

4. They may look gorgeous but human feet weren’t made to be in that position.

5. Everyone has their vice that they need to deal with

6. Some people just do it for the gram.

7. Saying something doesn’t make it true….sadly.

8. Taking the stairs can actually be quite helpful.

9. Who is going to clean the Roomba?

10. Some people just have a cold heart.

11. Lots of apple users are gonna come for this.

12. If only wireless headphones didn’t need charging.

13. But somehow the person in the latter picture doesn’t get the same level of respect.

This comic book series was created by Gudim in an effort to examine all of the possible angles. And as a result of that, he’s drawn a lot of attention. Due of his creative brilliance, he already has over 120k Instagram followers and isn’t going to stop anytime soon. He seems to be encouraging the discovery of everything that contemporary life has to offer, which can be done through comics.

His brother, who enjoyed com

ic books, inspired him to start drawing, and his style developed naturally from there.

14. There is a reason for everything.

15. Who cares about the people who did all the work, right?

16. You can try to stand out, but nobody is unique.

17. Everything gets worn out with time.

18. That is definitely how social distancing works.

19. I can just feel the pain.

20. Nobody knows what happens after the party.

21. The small bags may look adorable, but they aren’t much help.

22. Honestly, that would work.

23. Definitely seems like the good life.

24. We may love them but we do snatch them away from their family.

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