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30 Animals Who Look Like They’re About To Release The Year’s


We’ve done it all: funny animals, cute animals, and fluffy animals. But we’ve never covered animals as seriously as these. The Grammys may have passed us by, but these beasts are already planning new album covers to steal the show next year. Adele, hold on to your seat.

We do not believe it is a coincidence. These amusing animals were well aware that they were posing for their highly anticipated album artworks. They’ve got hits in their nests for days, just waiting for the right moment to send them to radio and top the charts. That is, as long as they haven’t signed any exclusive contracts

Scroll down for the hottest and funniest animal pictures worthy of the most recent and trendy album cover artworks. And, if your pet is planning a #fire new release this year, enter the amusing images into our list below.

1. The Next Generation of Music Legends

Image Source: Rob MacInnis

2. They appear to be posing for a 90s rap album cover.

Image Source: notthatdanadane

3. These Cows Look Like They’re About To Release The Year’s Hottest Indie Rock Album

Image Source: BookerDeWittsCarbine

4. Puppies of Norwegian Black Metal

Image Source: Unknown

5. Meow-tang Clan Pose for Debut Rap Album

Image Source: yoremahm

6. The Group With Twin Guitarists

Image Source: yoremahm

7. Owls, the Pop Trio

Image Source: Sompob Sasi-Smit

8. This Mandrill Looks Like It’s About To Drop The Year’s Hottest Mixtape

Image Source: spicedpumpkins

9. This Dog and Owl Are Putting Out a New Album

Image Source: Tanja Brandt

10. The Electronic Rock Penguins are ranked tenth.

Image Source: Unknown

11. Icelandic 80s Duo Horse Pop Band

Image Source: Aurel Manea

12. The Scene’s Newest Grunge Band

Image Source: raask

13. Emo Rabbit Is About To Release His Solo Album

Image Source: Unknown

14. Fall Out Boy

Image Source: 88kncorbett

15. The Hard Rock Squirrels are ranked

Image Source: Unknown

16. This dog in the shower appears to be about to release the hottest album.

Image Source: reddit

17. Finnish Heavy Metal Band

Image Source: AllLebedev

18. One Direction

Image Source: Unknown

19. This Meerkat Family Is Putting Out a Family Album This Year

Image Source: Unknown

20. The Emo Revival Duo

Image Source: imgur

21. This Retriever Is Finally Putting Out His Own Album

Image Source: aspenthemountainpup

22. These Llamas Are The Country Rock Scene’s Newest Hit

Image Source: Tristan Brown

23. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Image Source: The_Man_with_a_Pan

24. Hottest Album For Summer 2017 Is On Its Way

Image Source: john_desoza

25. The Aggressive Rock Chickens

Image Source: chappeiieshow

26. The Meerkat Dolls

Image Source: Unknown

27. Manatee-never mind

Image Source: Unknown

28. The Lions Appear to Be on the Cover of the Best Romantic Hits Album

Image Source: Unknown

29. Cutest Duet To Ever Sign A Record Deal

Image Source: biddythehedgehog

30. Eco Band

Image Source: dragonsoul7
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