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30 Hilarious Boyfriends And Husbands Who Make Sure That Their Relationship Is Never Boring.

Stress is one of the most reasons behind every fight between true lovers. Don’t you want to fight? Have some good times; humor is an incredible method for getting away from regular stress. Couples who share a good laugh are getting success in their relationships. 

It’s not difficult to get complacent in a relationship, which is the reason it is significant to spice things up each once in a while. Only few men take their soul mates out for an unconstrained romantic dinner for example. Others return home with bunches of roses, not to say “please accept my apologies” but basically to say “you rock.” And a few men like to keep things fascinating by leaving cardboard cutouts of comedians in the washing machine and professing to trim their partner’s hair off from when they have got their back turned. After everything, nothing says “I love you” more than a practical joke…right?

Look down for additional examples, gathered by useme.info, of men who will gamble with their relationship for the sake of a laugh or two. Remember to pick your interesting ones!

#1. My Wife Wanted A Run-Of-The-Mill Birthday Party. I Asked Her, “So Just A Generic Party?” This Is The Result


#2. My Wife’s Face On Our Wedding Day Compared To When She Met Rob…


#3. Watching My Girlfriend’s Tortoise While She’s On Vacation. She Told Me To Keep Him Out Of Trouble

#4. I Ask My Husband If He Realises He Has Never Actually Painted Us Both In The Same Painting So He Paints This Masterpiece


#5. My Wife Didn’t Appreciate My Fridge Magnet Poem


#6. This Is What Happens When You Let Your Boyfriend Take The Cat To The Groomer


#7. My Wife Didn’t Want To Take Maternity Pictures, So I Hired A Photographer And Took Her Place


#8. When My Wife Asked Me To “Touch Up” Our Engagement Photos


#9. I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsman


#10. My Newly-Wed Friend Left This For His Wife


#11. Heard My Husband Telling The Dog To Stay Still In The Kitchen, Walked In And This Greeted Me


#12. I Start My Dream Job Tomorrow (Maternity Nursing). Here’s The Cake My Boyfriend Got Me To Celebrate


#13. My Brother Was Sad His Girlfriend Couldn’t Come To Our Halloween Party, So He Came As Both Of Them


#14. I Bought My Wife A Necklace For Christmas. The Guy Asked Me If I Would Like It Gift Wrapped. I Told Him Yes And Asked Him To Make It Look As Horrible As Possible. He Pulled Out A Roll Of Tape And Said “As You Wish Sir”


#15. So My Sister Got Goalie Gloves For Christmas From Her Boyfriend For ‘Being A Keeper’


#16. Today My Boyfriend Bought A Label Maker


#17. My Boyfriend Thought He’d Give Me A Sexy Surprise After Work Today


#18. My Girlfriend Asked For A Dick Pic. I Sent Her This


#19. My Wife Is Stuck At Work Today, So Me And The Cat Texted Her Some Selfies


#20. Girlfriend Said To Print Off A Nice Picture Of Our Dog And A “Normal” Picture Of Her Friend’s Dog And It Better Not Be Photoshopped. So I Made These


#21. My Wife Wanted To Make Sure That Someone Took A Picture Of The Expression On Our Faces When Our Daughter Was Born Today. So I Took One


#22. My Wife Asked For A Coach Bag For Her Birthday. Let’s Just Say She’s Pretty Happy Today


#23. Dinner For Two. My Girlfriend’s Been Out Of The Country For A Little Too Long


#24. My Boyfriend Thinks It’s Funny To Piss Me Off By Figuring Out What Outfit I’m Wearing Out With Him And Matching It


#25. Thought I Looked Cute As Hell Today And My Boyfriend Told Me I Look Like Pinhead Larry


#26. I Wore This Custom Shirt During My Wife’s Labor. Wife Was Not Amused


#27. My Girlffriend Said She Wanted Comfort Food. I Present: The Cheese Couch


#28. My Wife Wasn’t Impressed. Still Worth It


#29. I Just Had Twin Girls, This Is Their First Night Light. My Wife Was Not As Enthused As I Was


#30. My Wife Said I Could Decorate The Guest Bathroom As My Own. Multiple Screams Have Ensued



Sending Sexy Pics To The Wife Like:

Brandon Sillings

He Finally Fell Asleep When My Wife Asked For A Picture And I Wanted To Let Her Know What Hes Been Like Until Then


My Wife Forgot To Leave Me The Car Seat So I Could Take Our Son To The Babysitter’s House. This Is The Picture I Sent When She Asked How I Was Going To Get Him There. I Then Turned Off My Phone For The Next 4 Hours


Plane Toast


I Asked My BF To Pick An Outfit For Me While I Was In The Shower

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