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30 Photos That Show How Things Have Worn Down Over Time


Here are 30 photos that demonstrate how things deteriorated over time. Many things in our lives change in unexpected ways over time. There are many interesting things in the gallery below. You realize at the end of the post that everything is fleeting.

Scroll down and have fun. All photos are linked to the locations where they were taken. Please feel free to look at more of these photographers’ work on their collections or personal websites.

1. A Tree Slowly Consumes This Jesus Sculpture Found in an Abandoned Cemetery in Poland. Photographs taken 12 years apart

Image source: DonPecz

2. The Great Wall of China’s Stairs. How many do you believe have walked on them?

Image source: g6rf8

3. One of the World’s Oldest ‘Beware Of The Dog’ Signs, Discovered in Pompeii Ruins, Italy

Image source: Xuan Che

4. Where people used to sit on the walls of this old coffeehouse.

Image source: vadisus

5. My Great Grandfather’s British Army Pocket Watch, as well as the German bullet that stopped it in France in 1914.

Image source: Marshal_Soult

6. Someone Lost Their Coin Purse 100 Years Ago

Image source: silverwinged

7. The Sea Roughed Up This Piece Of Wall

Image source: TheCorpseOfMarx

8. Graffiti Spray Paint Layers On A Broken Piece Of The Berlin Wall

Image source: SJWonka

9. Nerf Frisbee for My Dogs. Their Favorite Is Still

Image source: TheHammeredTroll

10. A Telephone Booth Cemetery in the United Kingdom

Image source: Andrew Testa

11. My Grandfather’s Liberty Dollar, which he carried for more than 50 years because “A Man’s Gotta Have A Dollar In His Pocket.”

Image source: _leftbanks_

12. It Takes A Few Inches Of A Shovel To Plant 90,000+ Trees

Image source: AgrajagDaMadBat

13. I discovered this truck in a tree while driving through the woods.

Image source: folly136

14. Can You Help Me Get Started? I haven’t driven this thing in a long time.

Image source: BarnabyWoods

15. Growing Cubic Crystals in Old Play-Doh

Image source: MonRastar

16. My rotting Goomba Pumpkin now resembles Goomba more than when it was freshly

Image source: gemini8200

17. Oden’s nose has suffered as a result of years of boops.

Image source: Herwiththetwodogs

18. My ID imprinted my ID photo on my badge holder.

Image source: swiggityswell

19. This exhibit at the Ashmolean Museum demonstrates how touching artwork affects material.

Image source: Newbee_3000

20. My mother surprised me with a new version of my 27-year-old childhood stuffed animal.

Image source: KatieCat420Lulz

21. I work as a mailman and walk approximately 11 miles per day. My old boots are from the middle of March.

Image source: posananer

22. Tree Consuming Children

Image source: Ixshanade

23. A Path Through My Work The commute is eroding and exposing the old cobblestone street. London

Image source: theparisangel

24. During my first pregnancy, the border of my tattoo turned into a stretch mark, and it now appears 3D.

Image source: FamousAmos00

25. After One Day of Firefighting, My Mask Filters

Image source: thebadchopper

26. A dog that has followed this path for years has left this perfect semicircular mark in the garden.

Image source: xerikappax

27. After Termites Consumed All The Wood In This Old Color Pencil Box

Image source: Drship

28. Only a coin taped in my father’s baby book remained clean under the tape.

Image source: wordsherenowlame

29. I discovered this deteriorating combination lock at the beach.

Image source: SweetTaterette

30. For a long time,Leaf has been sitting on a fountain.

Image source: glossysquid6

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