49 People Who Deeply Regret Online Shopping

Online shopping is fantastic! The convenience and prices are unrivaled, and there’s the added thrill of not knowing exactly what you’ll get, and when you do get it, you might have forgotten that you ordered it in the first place – just like receiving a gift from yourself!

Shopping online is a great way to save money, but it can also be a hilarious, if not unfortunate, experience. Here at Bored Panda, we have compiled a list of amusing online shopping fails, such as the famous painting of the Great Wave of Kanagawa made entirely of pugs, a chair so small that it can only be used by ants, a massive unicorn float, and many other online scams and perfect examples of crappy design. All of these deals can put you on the wish list,

Scroll down to see the hilarious mishaps and shoddy product designs for yourself and learn from these hilarious online shopping fails!

1. I ordered this tank top from Amazon, and they sent me a dress as well. On the plus side, it makes my a$$ look good.

Image Source: Jeremy Russel Priola

2. Dinosaur Pillowcase

Image Source: adoringly

3. I bought a pillow of myself for my girlfriend to take to university. It did not go as planned.

Image Source: locky95

4. Today’s Top Beauty Products

Image Source: whoaaintitfun

5. My sister bought a dress online.

Image Source: isis1231

6. I saw $10 and bought it right away.

Image Source: itssavannahxox

7. This is what my friend received after purchasing 50 Shades of Grey on eBay.

Image Source: fi34rE

8. I Knew I Was Taking A Chance When I Ordered From Wish…. But I Couldn’t Stop Laughing When My Blanket Arrived!

Image Source: ruserious65433

9. Keeping Things Interesting When Shopping Online Amazon should double-check those product dimensions.

Image Source: pinkafterblue

10. Desperate

Image Source: carohIina

11. What Happens When You Purchase A $20 Punching Bag From China

Image Source: timdual

12. A Helpful Hint

Image Source: TradesVanCentre

13. I’m in love with my new Yeezys.

Image Source: Max Hoang Trinh,Max Hoang Trinh

14. Purchased New Shoes Online… Nice!

Image Source: teddytalent

15. Do Not Purchase A Speedometer From Aliexpress

Image Source: kravhus

16. Last year, my boss ordered chairs for the break room. He did not receive what he had hoped for.

Image Source: bassbastard

17. Still Dope Af

Image Source: wetchink

18. My friend ordered a dustpan on Amazon… I’m trying to figure out where we can find a matching broom.

Image Source: skeeterou

19. This Scale

Image Source: Anna Fuzzana Ridduan

20. These Are the Shoes

Image Source: harley_g00d

21. This F*#$!ng Mug


22. Is China just teasing everyone?

Image Source: iainqblank

23. I’m never going to order anything online again…

Image Source: leahevans248

24. I Can’t Take It Any Longer

Image Source: cooltonedcutie

25. When You Don’t Have Tissue To Stuff Shoes, You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Image Source: SneakerGodDez

26. Check out this three-foot pool that a friend found on sale online this summer. I Can’t Wait To Get Started

Image Source: infinite.reel

27. Amazon has decided to send me 72 Chinese finger traps instead of my multivitamin in an unusual turn of events.

Image Source: curse_words

28. Kai purchased this “Pillow Husky” from Ebay. It arrived today… Not Quite What Was Advertised

Image Source: thebon74

29. Believe Me, I’m A Pepper

Image Source: the_c_23

30. Online Shirt vs. Reality…

Image Source: orcgore

31. purchased two shirts from Old Navy and received 40 pounds of security tags as well as a coupon.

Image Source: mgbgtv8

32. Purchased Rings Online

Image Source: alwaysgreat

33. I ordered a collage blanket with photos of myself for my girlfriend, and they sent another family’s blanket instead. Anyway, I gave it to her.

Image Source: stvntckr

34. You’ve Got to Love eBay

Image Source: jeanettefotono

35. When You’re Not Sure What to Wear. It Says Lion Costume on the Internet. Really? It’s more of a bad hair day costume.

Image Source: turbo.thecorgi

36. They Were Not Wrong…

Image Source: VahsekYT

37. purchased Chinese guitar picks. My new band name is “Sample Text.”

Image Source: 70ms

38. So my roommate and I went online and ordered chairs, and this is what we got.

Image Source: saopime

39. Mother’s Day Nightmare Gift: Pillows with My Nephew’s Faces

Image Source: Hairessy

40. Ordering the Wrong Card Size

Image Source: theresa.gilhooly

41. When you believe you are purchasing knitted cushions from Amazon but in fact purchased cushions with pictures of knitted cushions on them

Image Source: hannah_claire88

42. A friend requested two snapbacks with personalized images. This occurred.

Image Source: jumja

43. The final product was not as advertised.

Image Source: Epiconnor

44. Dress Faux Pas

Image Source: mrsmeganroyer

45. This Chest of Drawers will haunt me for the rest of my life. When you order a chest of drawers with no idea of the size or cost of the items and end up with these

Image Source: siant92_art_running_family

46. My friend purchased an iPad from eBay for $5. Hong Kong shipping. I’m still giggling.

Image Source: Lasion

47. My friend purchased this pillow for his daughter.

Image Source: lsmallsl

48. Expectations vs. Reality – Not Even Close

Image Source: faarraahh_

49. My mother purchased a swing set from Amazon… she stated that it cost $17. The other was $22.

Image Source: WABSTA3

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