50 Dogs Who Fell Asleep in Horribly Inconvenient Positions

You may have heard or seen that in Facebook ads, but it is true. It does, however, apply to dogs. While cats are well-known for napping in unusual positions that would make any normal human cringe, dogs aren’t far behind. Some dogs appear to enjoy sleeping in what can only be described as ‘uncomfortable’ positions.

We have a lot to talk about today, from not understanding gravity to sleeping upside down. These pups will sleep anywhere except in their own beds. Prepare to laugh as you marvel at their majestic ‘balance’ and ‘etiquette.’

#1.Gravity.exe is no longer functional.

Image Source: soniakaponia

#2 Could you move the heater closer?

Image Source: formight

#3 Simply do not move.

Image Source: recreationAtion

#4 Why not lie down properly?

Image Source: atrimarco

#5 When you are not permitted to sit on the sofa.

Image Source: blacksunrize

#6 The sun is very pleasant.

Image Source: Guygan

#7 The expression of pure content.

Image Source: losper

#8 He could have a broken neck.

Image Source: smilkcake

Or he could be half giraffe. I honestly don’t know, but one thing is certain: it can’t be comfortable. And I’d know because I’ve dozed off in positions similar to this one before.

#9 appears to be a comfortable sleeping position.

Image Source: cadencecleo

#10 Let’s hope the car doesn’t start.

Image Source: highimallaudin

#11 They’re cuddling.

Image Source: turbojammer

#12 How on earth is that even possible?

Image Source: lifonaut

#13 I think I spoke too soon.

Image Source: deathakissaway

#14 His legs are going to get tired.

Image Source: vividlee

#15 I only see a big marshmallow.

Image Source:

#16 He has all this space, and yet he is here.

Image Source: doctordrayday

#17 The window is extremely comfortable.

Image Source: floydthebarb3r

#18 He invites us to scratch his stomach.

Image Source: therealpaningning

#19 My butt is the only part of my body that requires comfort.

Image Source: EnglishLFC

#20 He is, in fact, sleeping.

Image Source: AUX1_Dub

#21 This chubster enjoys being squished.

Image Source:

You might think he’s cute, and you’d be right. However, the reason he isn’t sleeping ‘properly’ is most likely due to breathing issues caused by overbreeding.

#22 I prefer something to rest my head on, preferably a chair.

Image Source: SteeVeeJoe

#23 I believe you have a faulty model.

Image Source: Soulrebel84

#24 This spot is ideal for me.

Image Source: drop_fred_gorgeous

#25 He simply enjoys catching insects in his mouth.

Image Source: GeorgiaLAX

#26 This guy needs some ‘wrinkles’ massages.

Image Source: RawberrySportcake

#27 How come his paws aren’t tired?

Image Source: HaveAMap

#28 I was just testing gravity.

Image Source: probmatic

#29 If you move, I will fall.

Image Source: Carbman

#30 The nose keeps him upright.

Image Source: vz77

I’ve always wondered how pets can sleep in any position they’re in when they’re tired. But then I noticed toddlers doing the same thing and realized something was wrong. They simply don’t care or aren’t smart enough to realize that sleeping sitting up isn’t very comfortable.

#31 In comparison to the others, this one is fairly normal.

Image Source: Nosleepgaythoughts

#32 See? I warned you

Image Source: CommodoreGonzo

#33 This is also how most people sleep in real life.

Image Source: wolfgangamadeusme

#34 That would frighten anyone.

Image Source: reddit

#35 Does he want to be hugged?

Image Source: ynda k kierans

#36 Food can make anyone sluggish.

Image Source: yayadee17

#37 Is the guy photographing the dog’s buttocks?

Image Source: Hammelicious

#38 is completely correct.

Image Source: ConnardDeBase

#39 I have no idea what is going on here.

Image Source:  pinkilevinki

#40 Toilet appears to be a good place to take a nap.

Image Source: ImQueative

#41 This is also how pregnant women sleep.

Image Source: CallABondulance

#42 That does not sit well with the other doggo.

Image Source: Poached_Polyps

#43 What else is there for him to do?

Image Source: milcientoonce

#44 He can’t fit in the bed.

Image Source: overtheedg3

#45 There are times when you forget to close your mouth.

Image Source:  lilly_willy

#46 He is certainly adaptable.

Image Source: TheBestAtWhatIDo

#47 At least gravity has an effect on his skin.

Image Source:  racanipe

#48 Are you the type who enjoys taking naps outside?

Image Source:

#49 It appears to be the ideal way to unwind.

Image Source: BigPheel

#50 I’d say this is a statue if I didn’t know any better.

Image Source: Scoopity_Woops

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