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50 Unbelievable Drone Pictures Of Last Year Have Been Announced By Dronestagram, And They’re Breathtaking


It is the fifth time of Dronestagram Photo Contest and winners have already announced. The completion is all about capturing the moments of the planet from a unique perspective. This competition attracts thousands of entries throughout the world and selects the best drone photography.

Hungry Hippos by zekedrone was the first prize winner in this competition. He has taken photographs which are bloat of hippos hanging out happily together in muddy water.

“We were 6 of us to work out the best photos,” Eric from Dronestagram mentioned in Bored Panda. “It wasn’t easy because we received several thousands of them so you have to be very organized to choose the best ones.”

“A good drone picture must have a strong verticality and also show scenes close up, from a view that can only be taken by a Drone. Then it must be artistic in its approach and style and if possible show life with humans or animals.” If you have any idea connecting with this booming genre of photography, you need to be very careful with the local rules and regulations about flying drones in the area.

Eric would like to share some advice for beginners in drone photography. “First learn to fly a drone and master it perfectly before moving on to shooting,” “You can learn and train with a small and robust $50 drone, then once you know how to fly it, invest in a good camera drone. Try to fly in the countryside, and respect the local rules and laws!”

#1 Second Place Winner. Fishing Boat In Vietnam By Trung Pham

The fishing net in the sea, viewed from aerial

#2 Fall In Love By Zekedrone

This is my second annual exploration of the beautiful colors in the east coast USA

#3 Third Place Winner. 2 Dogs, 2 People And 4 Shadows By Qliebin

People, dogs and shadows on Black sea beach

#4 A Face In The Grain Field, Germany Photographersworld


#5 Lion Vs Drone By Bachirm


#6 In The Middle Of The Winter Forest By Photographersworld


#7 Hon Khoi Salt Field, Vietnam By Trung Pham


#8 Harvest Water Lilies By Tuan Nguyen

Water Lilies are picked early in the morning in rivers, lakes and washed. Then the flowers are brought to market. This is the main income occupation of people in Long An, Vietnam in the high season.
Tuan Nguyen

#9 Al Qudra Desert, United Arab Emirates By Whosane


#10 On The Nhu Y River By Tuan Nguyen

On the Nhu Y river in Hue City, Vietnam. The girls in Ao Dai dresses (traditional dresses) were releasing the floating candles on the river to pray for peace and happiness. This is the spiritual culture longstanding in Vietnam
Tuan Nguyen

#11 First Place Winner. Bathing Hippos In Tanzania By Zekedrone

This by far was the highlight of my trip to Tanzania. I giant hippo party which was super VIP. But I knew exactly how to get in. Something they couldn’t resist. A game of Hungry Hungry Hippos!

#12 Cote Rocheuse By Dronecopters


#13 A Collapsed Truck In Russia By Drone Nest

Saw this truck resting in such way near my house and hurried for my drone to capture this moment
drone.ne st

#14 Lightning Over Kuala Lumpur By Pete Demarco


#15 Harvesting Grass By Tuan Nguyen

Farmers are harvesting grass in the big water season
Tuan Nguyen

#16 Reynisdrangar By Balazs3


#17 Fish shaped island in Croatia By Milan Photo

Fish shaped island is the inspiration for the logo of Brijuni National park, which was formerly Tito’s holyday playground. Gaz island, Brijuni NP, Adriatic Sea, Croatia

#18 The Red Umbrella By Caesarpmr


#19 Between Two Worlds By Thedon


#20 Shot Over The Infamous Half Desert Road In Dubai By Whosane


#21 Brighton Pier By Lukemaximobell


#22 A New Bridge In Ukraine By Maxwebb


#23 Les 3 Volcans By Dronecopters


#24 Sheep Herding By Photographersworld


#25 Laguna De Cotacotani By Alex Mimo

Parinacota and Pomerape volcanoes in the coming sunset light. Vertical drone pano. Lauca National Park, Chile
Alex Mimo

#26 Black Sand Beach By Balazs3

Waves crashing at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach

#27 Winter Ice By Photographersworld


#28 The Outskirts Of A Town Called Dorothy In Alberta, Canada By Justen Soule


#29 Sai Gon By Night By Tuan Nguyen

A corner of Saigon at night. This is the largest and most dynamic city in Vietnam
Tuan Nguyen

#30 Harvesting Tea Leaves By Tuan Nguyen

Harvesting tea leaves in Bao Loc, Vietnam. The leaves are harvested early in the morning when the dew still remains on the leaves. It is then put into the factory for processing into tea
Tuan Nguyen

#31 A Football Pitch In The Middle Of The Jabal Mountains In Oman By Kolibik-Foto


#32 Leme Beach, Close To Copacabana Beach, Rio De Janeiro By Americo Vermelho


#33 One Morning Peacefully By Tuan Nguyen

A family in the ancient imperial city of Hue catch fish in the Ru Cha mangrove forest. This is the picture close, happy common in villages. Tuan Nguyen

#34 A Routine Day In Dubai On Sheikh Zayed Road By Bachirm


#35 The Color Changes As A Farmer Prepares A Berry Farm In Early Spring Outside Of Peterborough, Ontario By Justen Soule



I saw some fishermen casting their net into a river. This is a profession in longstanding Hue, Vietnam. In the afternoon, if we stroll on the Vy Da bridge, we will see fishermen casting their net on the Nhu Y river. Tuan Nguyen
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