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50 Ways Grandparents Improved Your Life


Some people believe that the elderly live boring lives, playing bingo all the time, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the funniest times grandparents surprised everyone around them in order to dispel negative stereotypes about senior citizens.

From making a homemade butter dish to providing materials for the birds’ nests, these unforgettable moments show that grey-haired people are capable of much more than sitting around all day looking for their glasses. Scroll down to see how interesting your life would be if you visited your grandparents more often, and then vote for your favorite photos!

1. Neighbors claim that since this grandmother began using her hair dryer, the speeding problem on their street has been solved.

Image Source: namraka

2. Grandma is the second highest level of ATM security.

Image Source: mitoyonting

3. Since it was my grandmother’s 69th birthday, I thought you might like the cake she made.

Image Source: MorDeCaza

4. Grandma draped a magazine cutout of Leonardo DiCaprio over the face of her late (not-so-nice) husband. Photoshop for People Over the Age of 80

Image Source: JoshPatson

5. On the pier, my grandmother was bitten by a pelican and then began to scold it.

Image Source: Schnarf_Shnarf

6. Discovered On Grandma’s Camera Following A New Year’s Cruise

Image Source: yes_no_yes_yes_yes

7. My Grandparents Were At The Mall Waiting For Each Other

Image Source: bigred1987

8. This was posted on Facebook by my grandmother this morning.

Image Source: FrogusTheDogus

9. My friend had a medieval-themed wedding, and her grandfather arrived in this manner.

Image Source: reddit.com

10. Grandma Prankster

Image Source: The_Red_Spectre

11. My friend shared a photo of her grandparents on Thanksgiving, and it clearly needed more exposure. Happy Birthday to Being This Cool When I’m Old!

Image Source: totallynotdoogie

12. I forgot my pajamas at home, but my grandmother said she had something I could wear, so she brought me this.

Image Source: andrewlowe

13. Grandmother’s Butter Dish

Image Source: esteigs99

14. I’m Going To Hell, But She Looks Like Tweety’s Grandmother, Right?

Image Source: cameragirlsp

15. My Friend’s Grandmother Reacted to Her Status

Image Source: CarlNicklin

16. Today, my best friend’s 83-year-old grandmother created a Facebook profile. This is her profile image.

Image Source: Goldierenee

17. Purchasing a camera phone for my grandmother was the best decision I ever made. The Cat Could Be Wrong

Image Source: Ska_Jones

18. When I got home from work, I discovered that Grandma had repaired my distressed jeans. Lol, I can’t stop laughing.

Image Source: tymumt_082124

19. My grandmother attaches cat hair to trees so that birds can build luxurious nests. So Damn Considerate

Image Source: imgur.com

20. My Husband’s Grandmother The Similarity Is Uncanny

Image Source: TheOtherOncomingStorm

21. My Grandpa Had A Wonderful Sense Of Humor

Image Source: WestleyThe

22. My Grandma believes this is her final year, so we took this photo at Christmas dinner (We Are Not Religious)

Image Source: devanteswiing

23. My Alzheimer’s-affected grandmother attended my wedding. “Where is the body?” she inquired.

Image Source: ImTheMistake

24. (My Grandpa’s Costume) Princess Leia and R2D2.

Image Source: moonicourt

25. Grandpa Refuses To Attend Painting Class

Image Source: stephenlloyd_dot_net

26. In this Memo Book, my grandfather keeps a detailed record of all maintenance on his car. This Was His Last Post:

Image Source: Young_Guy_Old_Soul

27. My Italian grandmother arrived in town. This is her luggage.

Image Source: 20dollarchill

28. My grandmother knit a sombrero for my hamster.

Image Source: Purple_PickleCat

29. My grandmother has had this “decorative rock” on her table for the past eight years. I Can’t Bring Myself To Tell Her

Image Source: vocivus

30. My grandmother mistook this for a cross and hung it. I chose not to correct her.

Image Source: The_Man_Named______

31. This is my favorite photo of my grandfather. And technically, my grandmother as well.

Image Source: I_like_meth

32. When Grandpa Found Facebook

Image Source: Unknown

33. When My Grandma Died I Found This In Her Room, I Laughed So Hard And I Made Me Much More Happy

Image Source: reddit.com

34. I Ordered A Wonder Woman Costume Online. It Was A Little Big For Me When It Arrived And My Grandmother Said She Wanted To Try It On. This Is The Fabulous Result

Image Source: popofcolor

35. So This Is What Happens When Grandma Watches My Son And She Has An Abundance Of Wigs Lying Around From Her Cancer Treatments

Image Source: xxJOHNNYUTAHxx

36. Found This Hidden Behind Some Jars In My Widowed, 86-Years-Old Grandma’s Kitchen. I Guess We All Have Our Dirty Little Secrets

Image Source: L0rdtater

37. Grandma Tried To Record The Halftime Show

Image Source: natsdorf

38. Three Broken Ribs Yet Grandma Still Knows How To Keep Her Spirits Up During Hard Times

Image Source: iObeyTheHivemind

39. My grandfather used to boast about all of the pool parties he attended at a friend’s backyard pool. I recently discovered an old photograph that revealed this was the pool.

Image Source: Garyland2002

40. Grandma Taking in a Baseball Game

Image Source: TooShiftyForYou

41. My Grandma Is Moving And Has Spent Over 30 Hours Creating A Scaled Model Of Her New Room And Furniture (Accurate To The Inch). The actual move took a tenth of that time.

Image Source: er750

42. I discovered Batman glasses and forgot I had left them in my grandfather’s car. He sent me this photo.

Image Source: AfrikaPanther

43. My Grandfather and His Friends Have Recently Purchased iPhones

Image Source: i_wont_be_here_long

44. Grandma Level: 50

Image Source: Temptable_Dork

45. I went to see my grandparents yesterday.

Image Source: DustinCSmith

46. Strangest Party I’ve Ever Been To Grandma, happy 80th birthday!

Image Source: weese

47. My SO’s Grandmother Doesn’t Appreciate Swear Words in Books

Image Source: puckumiss91

48. Troll Level : Grandpa

Image Source: wow, thanks

49. Grandpa Eugene had professional photographs of himself taken for his Christmas cards.

Image Source: GallowBoob

50. Grandpa’s Got The Moves

Image Source: Unknown

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