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51 Inventively Brilliant Desktop Wallpapers That Will Make You Look Twice


You may recall the original Windows desktop wallpaper image, which depicted an idyllic green hill on a summer day. Charles O’Rear captured it in California. Though the image, titled Bliss, is absolutely stunning, it can become tedious after a while.

We stare at our computer screens for hours every day, so why not entertain our eyes while we’re tiring them out with a funny desktop background? Bored Panda has compiled a list of some of the most brilliant examples that will make you want to turn yours into a funny wallpaper as soon as possible.

(h/t brightside)

1. How To Organize Your Desktop Like A Boss

Image Source: Sabird1

2. Explorer Is Terrifying

Image Source: Wertson

3. This Is My Co-Workers Desktop. Amazing

Image Source: Onetufbewby

4. My Desktop Set Up At Work

Image Source: pirate_door91

5. Chrome Vs Firefox

Image Source: cluebees.com

6. This Is The View From My First Year University Bedroom.

Image Source: supreme_meow

7. How My Friend Returned My Computer After Fixing It

Image Source: croft1342

8. Magnificent Idea

Image Source: pdmcmahon

9. My Wallpaper Because Of You All…

Image Source: imgur.com

10.The Best Wallpaper For A 4 Monitor Setup…

Image Source: imgur.com

11. Oh You!

Image Source: Unknown

12. Coworkers Adding Heads To Animals On Desktop Background

Image Source: my80jo

13. Ups

Image Source: Unknown

14. Now I Want To Share My Desktop

Image Source: Zabroccoli

15. I Couldn’t Think Of What To Make My Wallpaper, So I Did This

Image Source: don_Juan_oven

16. So I Created A New Desktop Background For My Dual Monitors At Work…

Image Source: turtledave

17. Funny Internet Explorer Desktop Picture

Image Source: brightside.me

18. Now This Is A Walking Dead Wallpaper

Image Source: Isai76

19. A Corporate Executive Hands Me His Sons Laptop And Asks Me To Do Some Maintenance. I Was Greeted With This Desktop

Image Source: I_Dont_Give_A_Shitt

20. My Boss Is A 60+ Year Old Man And This Is His Desktop

Image Source: PriestTJB

21. I Secretly Added A Minor Detail To My Colleague’s Desktop Picture. Me

Image Source: kvd

22. My Co-Workers Desktop Background.

Image Source: imgur.com

23. I Couldn’t Possibly Be More Proud Of My Son’s Desktop Background

Image Source: strawberryrocketship

24. My Friend’s New Desktop Background/setup…. Meep!

Image Source: chelseaott

25. I’d Like To Share My Favorite Wallpaper

Image Source: cels0_o

26. I Got Sick Of Looking At My Desktop, So Now I Look Through It

Image Source: prc41

27. Owl Desktop

Image Source: Unknown

28. The Cyber Clothesline

Image Source: Unknown

29. Homer Simpson Wallpaper

Image Source: Unknown

30. Hating Internet Explorer

Image Source: Unknown

31. Setting A Wallpaper Is An Art

Image Source: Unknown

32. Roommate Brought Home A New Girl, This Is Her Desktop Background… I Think He’s Found A Winner

Image Source: seriatim_love

33. My Desktop

Image Source: Unknown

34. Idea For All The Football Fans

Image Source: Unknown

35. I Decided To Change The Desktop On My Work Computer

Image Source: ckomni

36. My Desktop Background At The Moment

Image Source: mayahatsune

37. My New Desktop Background

Image Source: imgur.com

38. Brains

Image Source: Unknown

39. Watching Brooklyn Nine Nine When My Desktop Background Interfered

Image Source: EffeKtioNz

40. My Creative Desktop Icon Arrangement

Image Source: iloveue

41. Look, Desktop Wallpaper. I’m Punny, Please Love Me

Image Source: EndUserLicenseAgreement

42. My Desktop

Image Source: Unknown


Image Source: SexyToby

44. My Desktop

Image Source: Unknown

45. Last Day Of Co-Op Internship + Disorganized Desktop + Boss Upset With How I Choose To Spend My Last Hours

Image Source: Tyron14

46. Minimalist Desktop

Image Source: Musikistmacht

47. My Desktop

Image Source: sonicbrawler

48. Class Starts And I Have This On My Desktop From The Previous Class

Image Source: Najubhai

49. My New Desktop Background At Work

Image Source: hokieberg

50.Papa Is On My Desktop

Image Source: thebaum64

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