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A Japanese Mother Transforms Fried Eggs Into Visual Art


This fried egg art was created by a Japanese mother and nursery school teacher who took the mundane task of making breakfast and turned it into something truly delicious. Kyaraben, also known as charaben, is a type of Japanese bento box that is known for its intricate presentation and lavishly decorated food that takes the form of humans, fictional characters, animals, and plants. Boxed lunches are a common example of a meal that Japanese housewives spend considerable effort planning for their family.

Mothers who are also creative have found new outlets in this activity. Based on their children’s hobbies, all mothers prepare kyaraben in their own special way. One Japanese mother, however, has elevated the art of fried egg to a new level. Click below to see how you did. You may visit her Instagram to see more of her incredible work.





















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