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A Young Walmart Cashier’s Kindness Brings Tears To Foster Parent’s Eyes


One foster mother, juggling with two little children and an infant, walked into cashier Nick Tate’s checkout line at the Walmart in Newcastle, Oklahoma. Grocery shopping with small children isn’t always a pleasure. Especially if they’re not in the best mood, children may make the journey seem difficult, and even embarrassing at times.  When she went to pay for her items with a WIC card, she started apologizing all over again to Nick. The woman was nervous since she hasn’t used the WIC card before. He comforted her that everything would be alright. However, the queue that had formed behind her extended. She told Nick that she was a foster mom and that she had recently signed up for WIC, a federal program that assists low-income families.

She needed to pay for the infant formula with her WIC card. Unfortunately, the card wasn’t working and she was embarrassed though she has bought many goods too. It didn’t help matters that another client had to inquire as to why she was taking so long. And there were more customers, complaining and bad glances, so she was frustrated and trying not to cry.


Nick, is regarded as one of the store’s kindest and friendliest cashiers. He regularly asks how his customers’ days are going and easily carry on a conversation to make them feel better. He noticed the mother was struggling and worried at this point, concerned that she was delaying the line. On a Friday night, the store was already crowded with impatient customers, and she felt uncomfortable, almost panicked. She felt as if everyone around her was condemning her for having a loud child with her while checking out and for taking so long to finish. Nick tried several times to run her card but it wouldn’t work. She was embarrassed. The stressed-out mother was at a loss for what to do as tears flowed out in her eyes.


Nick, the gentleman, knew precisely what to do. He followed store protocol and requested assistance from a manager, but he felt obligated to assist on his own. The young cashier informed the mother that he would cover the cost of her purchases. Nick, he said that it was a god’s call and he did it. While the customer was shocked, Nick knew he had done the right thing. So Nick took out his own credit card and spent $60 on groceries for her. The foster mother began crying, thanked him, and immediately exited the store.

Nick, who wants to be a missionary in Honduras, said that he pays attention when God speaks to him. After regaining her composure, the mother rushed to Facebook to tell her friends and relatives about her experience. She hoped that someone would recognize Nick and be able to express her gratitude to him. Nick made contact with the mother, and the two became friends. She was able to graciously thank him for his generosity and kindness shown to her during a time when she was suffering and frustrated.


Nick, a modest and humble man, shrugged off the attention he’d gotten. He did say that being able to talk to her was “quite wonderful.” When news spread out more about Nick’s desire to become a missionary and travel to Honduras, strangers offered to help him to fulfill his dream. Isn’t this such a great tale? The world would be a better place if more people practiced compassion and patience like this young man.

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