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Artist Demonstrates Repackaging Junk Food to Attract Hipsters

A hipster’s home is never equipped with Cap’n Crunch or Slim Jims. Why? Well, apart from the fact that neither is organic, the packaging’s colors would just seem out of place next to all the other beautifully made items in their pantry.

However, how could these goods appear if they underwent the hipster makeover as well? If you want to see for yourself, check at the images below. Dan Meth, a US artist, reinvented some of America’s most well-known snacks as upscale gourmet fare. These renamed treats, such Twinkies and Nerds, Fruit by the Foot, and Cinnamon Graham Dunkaroos, would fit in with even the most upscale home.

More info: Dan Meth

1. Slim Jim

Image Source: Dan Méth

2. Twinkies

Image Source: Dan Méth

3. Fruit By The Foot

Image Source: Dan Méth

4. Cap’n Crunch

Image Source: Dan Méth

5. Nerds

Image Source: Dan Méth

6. Four Loko

Image Source: Dan Méth

7. Dunkaroos

Image Source: Dan Méth
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