Artist turns stretch marks and other “flaws” of the body into beautiful art, but not everyone thinks it’s pretty.

Women are often told to hide their stretch marks, scars, and even their periods, but a Barcelona-based artist is redefining these “imperfections” as reasons to celebrate the female form in new and striking ways.

Cinta Tort Cartró, also known as Zinteta online, is 21 years old and uses rainbow paint and glitter in all of her artwork. Her goal in using brightly colored illustrations of stretch marks, period blood, and the female anatomy is to help girls who are self-conscious about their bodies learn to love themselves as they are. Cartró’s work is all the more poignant because of the struggle she endured to learn to love herself as she is.

Cartró writes that “stretch marks are part of our essence, our moments, our lives, our stories, and us” on Instagram. In other words, “to accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it, and, ultimately, yourself.”

Check out this incredible endeavor for yourself and then share your thoughts in the section below.

More info: Instagram

Spanish artist Cinta Tort Cartró is using rainbow paint to change the way women see their bodily ‘imperfections’

She makes the things that women are taught to be ashamed of, like stretch marks and periods, look attractive.

Cartró encourages us to love ourselves — flaws and all — because she says the journey to self-love is worth it.

In other words, “to accept all this is to accept your roots, your history, everything in it, and ultimately, accept yourself.”

Among online readers, her message particularly resonates with female readers.

Your thoughts? Is it important or superfluous? Just let us know in the comments down below!

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