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Brian Dowling, a photographer, traveled the world to capture the beauty of redheads.


Brian Dowling, an American photographer, traveled the world to capture the beauty of redheads. Brian travels to over 20 countries to share stories and photographs about redheads, by redheads, and topics to inspire people with the MC1R gene all over the world.

Red hair is the world’s rarest hair color, caused by a gene mutation known as MC1R, which affects about 1% of the world’s population. This gene mutation can also affect a person’s pain tolerance, sun sensitivity, and the ability of their hair to gray. When you get older, your red hair will turn blonde or pure white.

Scroll down to find some motivation. Brian’s Instagram has more of his work.

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1. An Early Morning With Alina From Kiev, Ukraine

2. Madeline From Washington State, USA

3. Kirstie In The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

4. Carmen From Best, Netherlands

5. Krissy From Stuttgart, Germany

6. Alisha From Odessa, Ukraine In The Black Sea

7. Ellie From London, England

8. Elias In Belfast, Northern Ireland

9. Maria From Moscow, Russia

10. Gracie From Howth, Ireland

11. Aoife From Longford, Ireland

12. Ruby From Essex, England

13. Alina From Odessa, Ukraine

14. Tara In Liverpool, England

15. Elainna From Modesto, California

16. Kim From Hamburg, Germany

17. Model Nastya Pindeeva Overlooking The Black Sea In Ukraine

18. Beata Overlooking Downtown Warsaw

19. Masha Under The Trees In St Petersburg, Russia

20. A Model In A Snowy Park In Munich, Germany

21. Shannon From Sydney, Australia

22. Kirstie Overlooking The Scottish Highlands Of Glencoe

23. Sophee From California, USA

24. Daria From St. Petersberg, Russia

25. Natasha’s Freckles From London, UK

26. Sophie From Stirling, England

27. Italian Redhead Benedette Watching The Sunset In Sydney

28. Judith From Breda, Netherlands

29. Vanessa From South Africa And Bridget From San Fransico, USA

30. A Model Poses At The East Side Gallery In Berlin, Germany

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