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Find Out About the Cutest Fish Vendor In Vietnam, Who Is Taking The Internet By Storm With His Adorable Photos.


There is a street trader in Vietnam who stands out from the crowd. mostly because the seller is the prettiest cat ever and could definitely get you to purchase sand in a desert.

Le Quoc Phong, his owner, refers to him as Dog and he is a beautiful 3-year-old cat. They have frequently been seen walking together at a neighborhood market. Dog always looks sharp while working, like a genuine businessman, by donning appropriate cat attire. As it happens, he’s also a rock star. Le Quoc Phong told that “Dog enjoys ice cream, going places, and napping.” “He also has several girlfriends and many kids throughout the nation.”

“My adorable kitten likes to take photographs. When donning the outfits, he is also quite helpful. Given that it typically behaves and breathes like a puppy, Le Quoc Phong given his pet an unique moniker. Dog’s mouth is generally open in the photographs because of this. His pictures are generating news not just in Vietnam but also in Thailand and China. Le Quoc Phong said that while some individuals believe Dog is uncomfortable in his cat attire, this is not the case at all. Dog is comfortable and able to walk normally while wearing these outfits. See how this active cat is advancing in life by scrolling down.

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1. The most well-known fish vendor in a small Vietnamese market is this cute cat.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

2. Le Quoc Phong, his human, refers to him as Dog, and the owner describes him as a Scottish Fold.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

3. A genuine celebrity in the Hai Phong market is Dog.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

4. Attracting the interest of both clients and rivals

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

5. Dog occasionally attempts to offer other products, like meat.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

6. And despite the fact that his menu offers a huge variety

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

7. You undoubtedly have an idea of his favorite things.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

8. Once the cat leaves the market, he prefers to dress in something more fashionable.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong

9. He even has time on a day off to unwind like a typical cat.

Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong


Image Source: Le Quoc Phong
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