Have you seen this dragon-looking fluffy little bird?

There are enormous and fictional creatures in movies that seem very imaginary. Especially the mythical monster who flies high in the sky and breathes fire out of their snouts is also known as the flying lizard. Yes! The dragon! Below are a collection of pictures 

of a little bird who is reminding of us the great dragon.

The Great Eared Nightjar is a distinctive bird that will be amazed to witness. He is a small bird with perky ears, long fluffy wings, and a barely visible beak. The nightjar is definitely a sight for your nature-loving eye.


The nightjar’s scientific name is Lyncornis Macrotis. It is a part of the Caprimulgidae family. They weigh approximately 0.131kg to 0.151kg and have a length ranging from 30cm to 40cm.

It is vastly found in Southeast Asia. Nightjars prefer to stay out at night and are found in forest areas that have rivers.


Their mating season occurs within the first few months of the year. They would lay one egg and both the mother and father protect it. 

The more interesting fact about their eggs is that they lay them on the forest surface and arrange it in a way to camouflage for more protection.


They have a special sound that will create a distinct memory in your mind and a soft corner in your heart.


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