Health blogger reveals the reality behind Instagram images

Sara Puhto is a 20-year-old  Finnish blogger who shares the expectations vs. reality images in Instagram. In every single one of her pictures, you can see a huge difference, making it hard to believe that it is the same girl at the same time. “Nobody’s booty looks round and peachy from all angles,” she stated. She is trying to show the world that you shouldn’t believe that every Instagram photo is real.

Keep on scrolling to check out some of Sara’s body-positive images!

Certain clothing sizes have the ability to make us feel bad about our body shape when we’ve gone up a size and feel good when we’ve gone down a size which we shouldn’t bother at all.

Always remember just because someone wears a smaller size than you doesn’t make them a better person or a more beautiful person.

No matter what size you wear, you are beautiful mainly being you and confident in yourself. 

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