Here Are Some Tombstones Created By People With A Sharp Sense Of Humor.

When we lose someone, it can be very difficult and painful for us. They would prefer that we remember them by making us smile.

Here are some pictures of tombstones of people who made visitors to their graves laugh when they came to remember them and immortalized their sense of humor in stone.

#1 If you are able to read this.

Image Source: eldare

#2 I was visiting my grandmother’s grave and discovered this on a nearby tombstone.

Image Source: FilthyMrClean

#3 Well…

Image Source: Unknown

#4 Dressed up and nowhere to go.

Image Source: Unknown

#5 That’s an unusually entertaining tombstone.

Image Source: GallowBoob

#6, a gay Vietnam veteran.

Image Source: Ryanhgwu

#7 I was walking through a cemetery when I suddenly…

Image Source: Unknown

#8 appears to be content.

Image Source: Unknown

#9 I hoped for a pyramid.

Image Source: Gerri Gray

#10 Finally

Image Source: Unknown

#11 That’s all for now, folks.

Image Source: fasdf

#12 His tombstone is shaped like a giant middle finger.

Image Source: Mad_V

#13 Merv Griffin Grave.

Image Source: Dormant Braincell Research Project

#14 Please leave.

Image Source: A.J.

#15 Ouija Grave.

Image Source: тeresa

#16 Secret message

Image Source: Mononc’ Paul

#17 I arrived here without consulting anyone.

Image Source: seekfear

#18 Discovered while out planting memorial day flags in the cemetery.

Image Source: shadowvox

#19 S.hit occurs.

Image Source: Moonstone

#20 Arthur and his wife.

Image Source: Unknown

#21 She always claimed that her feet hurt her, but no one believed her.

Image Source: NC Cigany

#22 Damn.

Image Source: Number1

#23 Uncle Walter.

Image Source: Bill Stephens

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