This mother had to go through hell for the one mistake she did! Find out why…

The Internet can be either a boon or a bane. If you do not use it wisely, you will end up in a great pit. Likewise, this mother had to pay a heavy price for the mistake she did.

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She received a friend request from a stranger. Just by judging the profile picture, she had just accepted not knowing the consequences. After several weeks, she posted photos of her 06-year-old daughter’s first school day with a heavy caption and the location as well.

The stranger on her Facebook saved these photos and circulated them to an online website where thousands of men hunt for online misdeeds with the new caption “06 years, American and $5000”


This horror went behind this mother’s back when she went to pick up her daughter from the school to find she was missing.

What she went through is unimaginable. This was all due to posting your privacy on a public platform. Never add strangers to your social profiles. Always be vigilant about the people around you and monitor their behaviors. You never know when a perpetrator targets you and they are actually around you as good people. Do not ever post photos of your precious children because they will be attracted to such psychopathic strangers who urge them to find pleasure in doing sickening acts.

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