Your partner is an emotional psychopath if they have these 05 signs.

Fact twisting

Psychopath attempt to misinterpret the reality to create doubt in you about the past, This is one of the oldest manipulation techniques in the book.

Turning everything to you

Psychopath often makes everything your fault. They continuously blame on you for every bad decision they impose onto you..

Tearing you down

They keep their position in a relationship by showing their power above you. They make you look ridiculous in front of your friends and family, all while appearing great themselves.

They isolate you

They isolate you from your loved ones by controlling you. Next they will make your life difficult and it is pure indirect manipulation.

Insisting your fault

They acquit themselves for any kind of sin they commit. A psychopath will never admit their wrongdoing, so they thrust it onto you.

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