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Photographer Captures Dogs That Are Perfectly Imperfect


In a new book by award-winning animal photographer Alex Cearns, meet Bali Pip, a playful pup rescued from the streets of Bali suffering from mange; blind but loyal Shazza; Raul, who takes his partial paralysis in stride; and many more adorable dogs. These beautiful photos of perfectly imperfect dogs, based on an original photo series launched on Bored Panda, will uplift and inspire, finding a special place in your heart with their ability to overcome physical adversity. Cearns’ pet portraits capture their inherent beauty and spirit; their sweetness, resilience, and strength.

“As an animal photographer, one of my most passionate goals is to capture the adorable nuances that make all creatures precious and unique. I adore every adorable animal I’ve had the pleasure of photographing, but those who are perceived to be different have a special place in my heart. These are the adorable dogs who have lost a limb, were born blind, or are still bearing the scars of previous abuse “Cearns says “The majority of animals with ‘afflictions’ do not dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint, and they persevere. They keep going, always wanting to be included and involved in everything they can, as much as an able-bodied pet can.”

“The resilience of animals in the face of adversity never ceases to amaze me.” They make the most of life, and I’ve learned a lot from them about always seeing the positive in every situation and never giving up.”

‘Perfect Imperfection – Dog Portraits of Resilience and Love’ is a dog photography book for everyone who loves them; fans of the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, or seeing the beauty in imperfection; and anyone who needs a hit of inspiration. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation to aid in the search for a cure for canine cancer.

More info: booktopia.com.au | houndstoothstudio.com.au | Facebook

1. Aryah, A Puppy Who Was Crushed In The Womb

Image Source: Alex Cearns

2. Mya, Who Is Blind

Image Source: Alex Cearns

3. Bali Pip, who was afflicted with mange

Image Source: Alex Cearns

4. Dot with a Missing Eye

Image Source: Alex Cearns

5. Jessie Who Is Crazy About Her Wheels

Image Source: Alex Cearns

6. Vegemite Who Was Blind

Image Source: Alex Cearns

7. Bandit Who Was Attacked With Acid

Image Source: Alex Cearns

8. Jakk, a puppy born with malformed front legs

Image Source: Alex Cearns

9. Reuben and Keisha in Wheelchairs

Image Source: Alex Cearns

10. Penny’s Mange-Infected Puppies

Image Source: Alex Cearns

11. The Blind Lady Bug

Image Source: Alex Cearns

12. Raul and His Wheels

Image Source: Alex Cearns

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