Practice this ancient Japanese self relaxing method now and enjoy your stress-free life!

Science has proven that stress is related to various emotional sicknesses such as nausea, vomiting, hypertension, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure etc.  Stress is quite common in today’s lifestyle which will eventually lead you to serious medications. 

Therapies like yoga, meditation, music, exercises and massage can lower your stress levels. 

Therefore, we recommend you a Japanese ancient technique which will lower your stress in 5 minutes. We assure you that it will give you the best effects and you can practice this anywhere you wish.

Did you know that each of our fingers has a different emotion?

Yeah, go through below to know what it is!

  • Thumb –  can treat anxiety and worry
  • Index finger – help in overcoming fear
  • Middle finger –restrain bitterness and rage
  • Ring finger – treats depression and melancholy
  • Little finger – manages stress

The ultimate goal of this method is to balance the energy forces of the body which oppose.

Grasp one finger at a time, and wrap the next finger around it. Hold every finger for one to two fingers until the pulse is felt.

Gently press the centre of the palm with the thumb of the other hand and hold for a minute, and then  bring yourself into a deeper state of relaxation.

This technique will encourage you to relax, balance your lifestyle and manage stress.

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