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Realistic skin paintings create optical illusions that bend the viewer’s perception of reality.

Without using any computer alteration, artist Chooo-San fabricates perplexing illusions on the body to transform common individuals in amazing ways. The Japanese artist transforms her people into cyborgs, animal/human hybrids, and dolls that are disintegrating at the seams using acrylic paints and a realistic approach. Each exhibits astounding attention to detail and is intriguingly surreal due to the skin’s apparent stretching and molding.

The excessive use of technology in art is a response by Chooo-analog San’s works. According to her interview with Daily Mail, “I believe I was a little sick of everyone generating photographs with their computers and wanted to explore how far I can go without those tools like Photoshop.”

We’ve observed Chooo-illusions San’s advance in sophistication ever since he started painting this type of subject in 2012. Here are the items that initially captured our hearts.

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