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Sociopaths and Narcissists say these 5 things to make you crazy!

Psychopaths” are often the people In reality who are not violent and non-incarcerated in society. They are extremely harmless to the common spectator.

They are also known as predators who can manipulate and attract to get what they need from others. They can easily modify their personalities to become exactly how the other person wants them to be. When they are no longer interested, that is when they become strange. 

Below are some statements these “Psychopaths” will make to make you doubt your senses.

1. “You over-analyze everything”

Some people read too much into various situations. These psychopaths will intentionally make you feel paranoid about a situation. When you question them, they will deviate from your intention by saying that you are over-reading the situation. Later on, you will find out they were dishonest and just tried to make you doubt your intuition. 

2. “I hate drama”

Psychopaths have a more dramatic life than all of us. They will glorify you above everyone else for your easy-going perfect nature which never lasts long due to their boredom. When you show your frustration, they will hit right back at you by saying they hate drama and make you feel terrible for your reaction.

3. “You are so sensitive”

After spending time with you for more than the requirement, they will ignore you and wait for your reaction. Right when you react, they will leave no stone unturned to insult you, belittle you and make a joke out of yourself. The reaction will again cost you heavily as they will make you feel you are a maniac. 

4. “You misunderstood me”

Psychopaths will intentionally say things to provoke you and when you react they will blame you for misunderstanding. They could even deny that they stated it. they can easily change their words for their benefit. This way they can make you doubt your right senses.

5. “You’re loopy/bipolar/ jealous/bitter/in love with me”

According to a psychopath, everyone they associate with is either loopy, bipolar, jealous, bitter or in love with them. They try to show that they are in high demand and successfully put you into the “Crazy” category.

The most accurate way to handle such a person is by no means of communication. A psychopath will try to destroy you psychologically. It is in your hand to identify such people in your life and take the necessary tips and actions to prevent them from ruining your normalcy.

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