Teenager With Down Syndrome Is Committed To Becoming A Model

Madeline Stuart, who is only eighteen years old, has just started modeling. However, Maddy’s tale is gaining attention and support for one reason: she was born with Down syndrome.

Maddy hated how her excess weight prevented her from swimming and dancing as much as she wanted to. She dropped 44 pounds with the aid of her mom, Rosanne (20kg). She decided to give modeling a shot with her newfound vigor and self-assurance, and she quickly found an advocate in the Living Dead label, which takes great satisfaction in signing models of all body kinds.

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#1. Learn more about Maddy, an 18-year-old with Down syndrome who has dreams of becoming a model.

#2. She wanted to become a model when she dropped 44 pounds (20 kilograms) for health reasons.

#3. Mother: “She truly wants to alter the way people prejudice towards disability.”

#4. Individuals with Down syndrome have full potential; they simply work at their own pace. If you give them a chance, they will more than make up for your investment.

#5. I think it’s high time society accepted the fact that those with Down syndrome may also be attractive.

#6. To stop responding “I’m sorry” when I inform them my daughter has Down syndrome is a pretty ignorant response.

#7. People with Down syndrome would make up the vast majority of models if the general public could sense the inner beauty that Maddy possesses, how loving and compassionate she is.

#8. Having a daughter like Maddy makes me feel like I won the lottery.

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