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The 50 photos will prove that South Korea is a whole different world!


I will picture Australia or Japan If I was asked about an exotic country. But by looking at below, you’ll probably consider South Korea one too.

To show how unique this country is, this collection of pictures distinctly illustrates its daily life. 

We are talking solar-powered benches with USB and wireless charging, onion-flavored cereal, and pretty much everything else you can find in South Korea.

#1. School for grandmothers 

Running Out Of Children Due To The Low Birth Rates, A School In South Korea Is Opening Their Doors And Allowing Illiterate Grandmothers To Enrol, So They Can Also Learn To Read

#2. Quarantine lack sent by government 

This Care Package The South Korean Government Sent Me While I’m In Quarantine Day 2

There was a letter translated saying “ For people who are currently suffering from the Corona-19 virus, we send our regards and sympathy”.

#3. Pink explosion in Jeju City

Pink Explosion In Jeju City, Jeju Island, South Korea

#4. Korean Ktx trains play “Healing Broadcasts” where they just show newborn puppies rolling around 

Korean Ktx Trains Play “Healing Broadcasts” Where They Just Show Newborn Puppies Rolling Around For Five Minutes

#5. Map at the back of a boarding pass

Airports In Seoul Provide A Map To Your Gate On The Back Of Your Boarding Pass

#6. Same spot in four seasons

Took These In The Same Spot Over The Past Year. Korea’s Four Seasons: Yeouido

#7. A tree standing in its place 

Glad To See My Favorite Tree Standing Healthy After This Year's Numerous Typhoons And Landslides, South Korea

#8. Mini library in the subway

This Subway Car In Seoul Has A Mini Library

Koreans are very hard working. The maximum number of working hours per week is 52.

Although the work-life balance got better over the last few years, working overtime (and not being paid for it) is still pretty common.

#9. Painters covered cars due to painting in an apartment complex

Apartment Complex In Korea Being Painted, So The Painters Shrouded All The Cars In The Parking Lot To Protect From Splatter

#10. Starbucks in Seoul offers used coffee grounds for gardening

Starbucks In Seoul Offering Used Coffee Grounds For Gardening

#11. For people in home quarantine

Just Received This At My Door! S. Korea Gives Out Food Rations To People In Quarantine

#12. Hand-Painted underside of a temple roof in Korea

This Hand-Painted Underside Of A Temple Roof In Korea

#13. A walkway

I Get To Walk Through This Everyday On My Way Home From Work

#14. Caution: Cat around sign board

This Sign Is Not For A Cat Crossing. It Means "Caution: Cat Is Around"

#15. 2D café in Seoul

This 2D Café We Visited In Seoul

#16. Modern Korea built around ancient Korea

Modern Korea Built Around Historic Korea (Seoul)

#17. Small restaurants in Seoul

Small Restaurant In The Snow, Seoul, South Korea

#18. Solar-powered benches with USB and charging ports.

Solar Powered Benches Here In Seoul, South Korea. Complete With USB And Wireless Charging Docks

#19. Bukhansan

Bukhansan Yesterday

#20. Root bench

"Root Bench" Is A Public Installation By Architect Yong Ju Lee In Hangang Art Park, South Korea
Yong Ju Lee

#21. Traffic lights on the floor for people who look at their phones

South Korea Puts Traffic Lights On The Ground So That People Who're Looking At Their Phones Can Still See The Light

#22. Popsicles with trays to prevent melting all over hands

This Ice Lolly I Bought In Korea Has A Little Tray To Prevent It From Melting All Over Your Hands

#23. Beautiful Korea

Korea Is So Beautiful

#24. An old pine tree

An Old Pine Tree, Daedunsan, South Korea

#25. Resting place for pedestrians

Every Half Kilometer They Have A Resting Place Made For Pedestrians In This Korean City Ansan

#26. Rainbow chips organisation

Chips Organized Into A Rainbow In Korea

#27. Latte art

This Latte Art From A Cafe In Seoul, South Korea

#28. Korea’s ways against Covid 19

South Korea Isn't Joking When Battling Covid-19

#29. Tv channel dedicated for dogs

I'm Staying In Korea Right Now And Apparently There Is A TV Channel Dedicated To Dogs, As In Programming For Dogs

#30. This here is the entrance of the Club Chroma in Seoul

This Here Is The Entrance Of The Club Chroma In Seoul, South Korea By MVRDV Architecture, Which Is Said To Be The Largest Nightclub In The World
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