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The noxious connection between an empath and a narcissist


I discovered I was an empath upon a deep involvement with a narcissist. 

This article is written from a perception of an empath keeping the space open for the reviews from a perception of a narcissist.

In my opinion, a narcissist is a person who is wounded and hurt. An empath is a healer. They can sense the other persons pain and absorb. They may not think about them and try to bond with a narcissist and ease their pain.

What an empath will fail to realize is that a narcissist is like a vampire who will suck the energy and soul out of you. They will wait for the moment to take the advantage of the situation which is benefiting them.

The empath will always think from peoples point of view and fail to understand that not everyone is honest and sincere. The narcissist is always manipulative while an empath is to love and care. The more love an empath offers, the more manipulative a narcissist can be.

The manipulation will arise until the empath becomes a victim. Gradually, the empath will lead in a narcissist path and absorb all their drawbacks which will create a dangerous circle thereon.

When the narcissist identify that the empath is wounded, they will try to make the empath feel low in-order for them to feel higher. As an empath will always look for their pain, trauma and the destruction of their lives, they fail to understand where the damage has ignited. Without thinking twice, they will take the blame on themselves. At this point, an empath must wake up and realize that anyone who is in pain and trauma can become a narcissist,

It is futile to at least attempt to communicate with a narcissist as they will be no healer or a soother because they are extremely manipulative. They will blame the empath for their pain and make the empath feel responsible for their pain and trauma.

An empath will struggle and worry for the narcissist who once they thought was fascinating and loving.

We must know we are not here to fix anyone as everyone is responsible for their own actions and fix themselves.

If an empath can learn about the personality of a narcissist, they will identify one and they will not develop a toxic relationship with one. If a relationship is already formed, do not wait to seek help and walk away for your own good.

A narcissist may never change and do not wait for miracles to happen for their change. A genuine empath will always stay true to their words, at the same time will get hurt to the maximum.

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