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This Dog’s Owner Carries Him Up Like A Baby As He Is Afraid Of Going Up The Escalator


Pets are like kids in many ways. As with raising children, it is our duty to ensure that they feel secure.

Pets occasionally experience fear of commonplace objects. A dog is not scared of strangers, but thunder can make them frightened in a matter of seconds.

With the help of this video, you can observe the lengths to which pet owners will go in order to protect their animals.

With his golden retriever by his side, a man is strolling through a mall. Additionally, the dog of the man resists going up the escalator.

The contraption truly terrified the dog.

Instead of lugging the dog up the escalator or just giving up on going to the next floor, the man comes up with another solution.

He scoops up the dog and carries him upstairs like a baby.

He plainly doesn’t care: the man enthusiastically takes his friend all the way up, despite some confused looks from mall patrons.

In his owner’s arms, the dog seemed to be comfortable and content, and any fear it had before riding the escalator was obviously gone.

Watch the video below:

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