This henna artist does henna crowns for Cancer patients…

Even though chemotherapy helps to battle cancer cells, the side effect of hair loss can be ravaging for all female patients. 

Girls nowadays cover their bare scalps with wigs, scarves or turbans. For some, going bare scalp is not comfortable. But this latest trend of the Henna crown has become prominent among these strong patients.

What is a henna crown?

Henna is a dye which originates from the plant Lawsonia inermis and it is mainly used for religious and cultural functions in India and Morocco. Henna stains the first skin lasting up to a few weeks Hii unlikely the tattoos require a needle to place the ink.


A henna crown is designed to decorate the bald head of someone who has gone through chemotherapy sessions as per Leah Reddell.’’ Leah has been providing henna offerings for more than 12 years in Denver and Boulder, CO and at Face Fiesta.

However, this was initiated only for women. Reddell discovered that men also can get it and it’s a great solution for humans with alopecia areta which causes entire hair loss.

Reddell is no longer the primary designer for doing henna crowns and it is unknown who is the authentic henna crown artist. Many artists are blessed with this beautiful talent of making henna around the arena. She began to make henna crowns because the feedback was great from the girls with cancer.

Look at the detail.

How do henna crowns help cope with hair loss?

For most girls, baldness does not make them happy. Also, they are not in favour of the wigs and scarves. Crowns make them beautiful in and out. According to Reddell, some girls are waiting to get their design done even before their chemotherapy sessions whereas other girls take this as a celebration to show their last day of the chemotherapy. They bring their friends and family with them and treat the henna appointment like a small party.

Every design is unique and gives priority to the client’s requirement and incorporates the same to it. 

One of the clients has stated that the henna crown succeeded in making her experience lovely and confident during her tough time.

What to know if you are considering a henna crown?

Make sure to do studies to your artist as it is important to use real, homemade, herbal henna for henna crowns as per Reddell.

The American Academy of Dermatology warns against henna ink adulterated with p-Phenylenediamine (PPD). This is meant to assist the henna final longer on the skin, but it is a dangerous chemical for the pores and skin that can motive itching, blistering, and scarring. 

Reddell additionally added against the “henna cones” which is sold online. These contain harmful chemicals—even though they say “natural” or “organic” on the packaging. Real henna paste is homemade with simple elements and needs to be kept frozen.

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