This online group is sharing 30 interesting photos taken in nature.

Mindly Interesting Online Reddit Group discovered 30 interesting photos in nature and shared them. Mother Nature has a lot of amazing things to show us, and you can find something new every time you go for a walk.

Redditors are posting some of the most interesting things they’ve seen in nature to the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit. These photographs will take you by surprise. Scroll down and have fun.

All photos are linked to the locations where they were taken. Please feel free to look at more of these photographers’ work on their collections or personal websites.

1. This Big Ass Leaf is number one. For Scale, Wife

Image source: bigpahpa256

2. This Morning’s Frost Pattern on a Car

Image source: CalTech0003

3. I noticed some ants carrying a glove and a lamp.

Image source: ri4nn3

4. Today I Saw The End Of The Rainbow

Image source: toastforscience

5. These vines in my neighborhood resemble an elephant.

Image source: ImKeanuReefs

6. This Rainbow Vine grew in my backyard.

Image source: SteveTheBiscuit

7. A neighbor’s tree was struck by lightning, and it is now blooming in stages.

Image source: CretinousCarrot

8. How My Windshield Froze

Image source: Liamers

9. My Aunts The word “No” is circled in cat’s fur pattern.

Image source: 04SHADOWRIDER

10. Five-Day-Old Hedgehogs

Image source: Zuntic

11. Our Neighbor’s Stray Cat Has A Perfect White Mustache

Image source: 877CASHN0W

12. This geode resembles ocean waves on a beach.

Image source: GingerGinny

13. My Rhododendron Appears to Be Trying to Flee

Image source: phigene

14. My Cat Has One Little Curly Whisker

Image source: amlight

15. The Inside Of This Tree Looks Like A Fish

Image source: molehillmilk

16. This Tree I Found Grows Into Itself

Image source: FishayyMtg

17. Believe This Might Be A Lightning Strike On A Concrete Sidewalk

Image source: junglepeanut

18. Our New Kitty Has 24 Toes

Image source: thelemonx

19. This Weird Lemon That Grew On Our Lemon Tree

Image source: phantomplayerone

20. I Found Glacier Water So Clear You Can Barely See It

Image source: OkSoBasicallyPeach

21. These Large Pumpkins I Saw On The Freeway

Image source: Chris20nyy

22. This Bumble Bee Lined Up Perfectly With The Stitches On My Shoe

Image source: Mysteriefreak

23. My Grandad Showing Off His Gigantic Homegrown Cabbage

Image source: mosesmoorhouse

24. The Sand In Tahoe Is Magnetic And Stuck To My Phone

Image source: bopete1313

25. I Was Taking A Panorama Picture Of A Tree In Georgia And It Started Raining Halfway Through

Image source: B4rrett50c

26. The Petals Of This Camellia Flower

Image source: ewilio

27. This Cat That Lives At The Parking Lot At My Job Has Extra Toes

Image source: neon_noire

28. The World’s Most Dangerous Plant!

Image source: folowthewhiterarebit

29. The Variety Of Colors In The Eggs My Friend’s Chickens Laid

Image source: TheH0F

30. Red Corn From Georgia

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

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