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When guys try to parody women’s photos and the end result outperforms the original


If imitation is the highest form of flattery, these men adore women. Or they are parody experts; we haven’t decided yet. In any case, we’ve compiled a list of funny men recreating trendy Instagram photos that every girl needs to have and post.

Do you remember the famous wet-hair-flip Instagram photos? It’s attractive when a pretty long-haired babe does it, but what about a regular guy flipping his wet Viking-like beard? When you see it from a different angle, it makes you reconsider your photo pose choices. And while colorful toes in sandals may look great in a girly Instagram profile, when dudes try to recreate it, it becomes the best parody example ever. And no matter which photo these men choose to reproduce, the results are as amusing as you would expect.

Scroll down for some amusing images of lighthearted mockery and impersonations performed by men with a great sense of humor!

1. Those Photos of Water Hair Flips

Image Source: Matt Sprouse

2. I shared this photograph of myself on Facebook. This is my cousin’s response.

Image Source: helenishelen

3. Similar to Kendall Jenner

Image Source: Dry July Shave Off

4. What Would Shopping Be Like?

Image Source: Unknown

5. I Agreed!

Image Source: Unknown

6. The Importance of Dental Hygiene

Image Source: adzitiss

7. I Awakened Like This

Image Source: ejadams17

8. I Used To Be A Mermaid

Image Source: kjbulut

9. Dad makes fun of his daughter by recreating her selfies

Image Source: therealburrmartin

10. Pregnant Man Cradling His Beer Belly

Image Source: jung von matt

11. Wonderful Morning

Image Source: blaine_mcconnell

12. Motorcycle Man Pretending to Be a Biker Babe

Image Source: MotoCorsa

13. In The Gym

Image Source: tribblereese

14. Hell Yeah

Image Source: Bondi Hipsters

15. Wedding Day Countdown

Image Source: masikamayphotography

16. Absolutely Perfect For Summer

Image Source: hairbydaniel

17. I Can Watch Netflix By Myself

Image Source: pmortsupreme

18. The Girly Group Squat Shot

Image Source: nikvia

19. 18w BrosbeingbasicOn The First Day Of Spring, We Like… Winter, farewell

Image Source: corbin1990

20. Cheers, 4w Brosbeingbasic To Sunday Bunday, Our Favorite Weekday

Image Source: ham_ilton

21. 14w Brosbeingbasicomg We had a fantastic time at Brochella.

Image Source: tapscottsville

22. We treated our tootsies tonight.

Image Source: mikenardelli17

23. We treated our tootsies tonight.

Image Source: brosbeingbasic

24. Internet Breakthrough

Image Source: Dry July Shave Off

25. Sexy Nude Photoshoot

Image Source: Bondi Hipsters

26. It’s a Two Cupcake Day!

Image Source: tappdaddy

27. If you can’t get to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to you.

Image Source: aloha_bigmike

28. How To Drink Wine Like A Yoga Guru

Image Source: tintindafella

29. Tom Lenk, Julianne Moore Attends the Met Gala

Image Source: Tom Lenk

30. Do You Want to Be Like Kim Kardashian?

Image Source: Buzzfeed

31. Hipster Reshoot Photoshoot of a Supermodel

Image Source: Bondi Hipsters

32. Liberty

Image Source: scott_butt

33. But first, a selfie.

Image Source: alfonsowenker

34. It’s the Year’s Most Wonderful Gift.

Image Source: tribblereese

35. Tom Lenk as Katy Perry at the Met Gala

Image Source: Tom Lenk

36. Nothing beats an aerial #broga with my besties to cap off the weekend.

Image Source: ndeconna

37. Because his wife refused to take maternity photos, he had some taken of himself.

Image Source: DruishPrincess69

38. Nothing Beats A Luxurious Bubble Bath

Image Source: spacejam_eson

39. Betches is officially ready for summer.

Image Source: patcauley

40. 4w Nothing Beats An Early Morning #sweatsesh With The Squad, Brosbeingbasicahhh

Image Source: mandexwear

41. Feeling Good And Looking Even Better After Working Out

Image Source: brandonthevotaw

42. Take a Look At My Nails

Image Source: imgur.com

43. Jackson, Janet

Image Source: Dry July Shave Off

44. Spa Days With Spa Baes

Image Source: roberthunter89

45. Come With Me To.. The Weekend

Image Source: teddundon

46. He inquired, and I replied, “Yes!!!”

Image Source: kritika_primitivnog_uma

47. It always feels good to get up early and do this.

Image Source: dougmacfar

48. I’m Ironing My Skirt

Image Source: tintindafella

49. Thankful For Good Times With Loved Ones Around The Fireplace

Image Source: brosbeingbasic

50. Saturday With The Boys

Image Source: drvandorp

51. There Are Times When You Need To Relax

Image Source: ima_stanislave4u

52. Meat Awaiting

Image Source: thegusinator

53. 14w Brosbeingbasici Sooooo Needed This Today. A Warm Bath Doesn’t Just Warm The Body; It Warms The Soul

Image Source: elterchi

54. To When It Was Warm And I Had My Fabulous Feet In The Sand

Image Source: markzec

55. Take A Bath On Your Day Off

Image Source: tyler_haas5
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