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You must know the answers to these 2 questions to know if he/she is the ONE!


Is there a person who will be THE ONE in our life? How will we know have we whether we have found that ONE in our life? These are quite common questions arising when we sought a life partner as humans. The interesting fact is,  unlike humans animals do not lose their sleep figuring out whether their mate is the only one. For example, wolves, coyotes, owls, beavers, swans and some apes do not even spend 10 mins to know that they have made the right decision.

We all come across surveys, and articles on how to determine your loved ones, how to maintain a healthy relationship, whether your partner is in love with you and yeah! Whether your partner is THE ONE for you. 

Nevertheless, you are not late! These two questions below can solve your dilemma. Enjoy!

#1. Do I love this person?

Regardless of the points of attraction, enjoyment or compatibility; the concern should be on whether I truly love this person? Would I wait until this person comes back home? 

Would I keep half of my favorite food for them? Is it that kind of love?

If the answer is YES, you are more than halfway there. Real love comes from within regardless of how big or small it is how cheap or expensive it is. It makes you grow into a better person. 

#2. Are both my life and my partner’s life better because of our relationship?

Sit back, relax and close your eyes. Try imagining your life without your partner and ask yourself:

How would I live without this person? Will I be happy? Will I be complete? How will I spend time? Will I feel safe and protected?

Likewise, several questions will flow inside your head. Try keeping the answers simple. Do not overboard with details. Without having to settle in an unhealthy relationship, if the answers for below questions are kept simple everything will be in place.

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